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  1. I pose this question to you.

    I want to attend college. I can't afford it. My education is completely dependent upon financial aid. Under Paul's policies, how would I go about affording my tuition?

    Disclaimer: I'm also a fan of Ron Paul. I agree with a lot of his ideologies, but I'm unsure, based on some of his previous comments, what his stance is on financial aid.
  2. ^^ financial aid meaning a student loan?
  3. Federal pell grants as well as loans.
  4. Education would be made cheaper by holding the Federal Reserve accountable, and changing fiscal/monetary policy to end expansionary credit. Expansionary credit is what drives education costs higher and higher, because the schools know that students will be forced to take out loans, so they crank up the costs. This would change under a tighter monetary policy, because credit would be harder to acquire, and it wouldn't be prudent for schools to arbitrarily make tuition higher.
  5. Kylesa which school did you attend or are attending? I planned on RU, but could only afford RV. Paying out of pocket sucks lol.
  6. I'll be going to RV this upcoming semester, but I'm doing a transfer program, and will probably end up at RU.
  7. You'd get a loan
  8. I try take classes when I have the money for it. I do not try make myself into debt unlike most of brainless people do.

    My advice is go to community college, you get more out of it and it's way cheaper than going university.
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    I'm going back in the fall too, most of my professors were nice this past semester, but if you can pick which english prof you want, stay far away from rosenbeith ? I believe thats how you spell her name. Everything from all the students in her class was "C" work apparently, even if you write a A paper. fucking cunt.
  10. Accumulating debt through education expenses doesn't make you "brainless".

    Unless you've attended both a university and a community college, and I'm assuming you haven't, how would you know?
  11. There's something about this phrasing that makes your statement very ironic.

    Furthermore, money comes and goes. The system is set up to enslave people, so even if you don't get into debt for going to school, there are still expenses which demand a consistent stream of money :p
  12. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Even in a free society there would still be expenses unless you're some yogi that doesn't ever need to eat or you became completely self-sufficient.
  13. I pose a counter-question. Why should I have to pay your way through college with my tax dollars?
  14. on a related note: there is such an education surplus in this country right now..mainly due to entitlement programs and subsidized student loans...that an education is just not really worth what you get. in days when a college degree was scarce (scarcity=value) it was a chance to write your own ticket (so to speak) now days the nation wide average income difference between a college grad and a high school grad is hovering around 3%...thats right 3%. (doesn't help the average that half(ish) of the ten richest people in america are college dropouts) in fact those in the F.I.R.E. sector (finance, insurance, and real estate.... read: MBA's) are enjoying :)D) a 55% unemployment rate.

    that being said 18-25 year olds are also right below 60% unemployment. so do what you want. personally i would take the money that you were going to spend on college and invest in the start up of a business that you can run by yourself. it's what i wish i would have done.
  15. @OP u need to suck it up, some people cant afford college and you seem like you might be one of those. get a job at walmart for 2 years live w/ ur parents and SAVE UR OWN GODDAMN MONEY
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    No offense, but if that's how you usually write I'm not surprised your English professor didn't give you anything higher than a "C", you should probably feel lucky to have received that. :D
  17. You wouldn't go to college. You'd move into the basement of your mommy's home and live like a cave dweller until they sold the house and moved into that retirement villa.
  18. You could earn your way through college instead of expecting a handout. I did/am doing so, it's taking forever but I value my education way more because of it.

  19. Nice run-on sentence. :D

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