For those who havent seen it..

Discussion in 'General' started by hoast, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. whoa what is that shit lol
  2. aliens putting there seed in our women man....try to make hybrid to harness our untap physic abilitys that is in the other %90 of our brains

  3. That has to be some of the most messed up thing I have seen in a while.

    But what about this.....

  4. hahah what the fuck
  5. hahaha woah man that is fucked up ive been staring at it forever lol
  6. i'm gonna have nightmares...
  7. Thats some pretty freaky shit...imagine he woulda lived and grew old though..:eek:
  8. if i put a deformed dead baby in a bowl n walked down the street like i was a waiter carrying an order to a customer i'd be arrested, motherfuckers are weird
  9. wow, when i saw it the first thought was "oh my god kill it!"

    not because i thought it didnt deserve to be alive, im not mean like that, but jeeze, imagine what it would have gone through growing up! that couldnt have been a comfortable living.
  10. ^ anything thats born with that never lives past an hour or two, or so i read.
  11. what diseas is that?
  12. "anencephaly"
  13. One in a million chance, but atleast the child died and wont have to go through life like that.
  14. What pisses me off is the fact that, the "baby's" last time on the earth, was to be pranced around and stared at. While everyone says "look at that freak."
    If this is real, those people need to have more respect, even if the baby was deformed, its still a living thing.
  15. I agree with ya there, it is fucked up to treat a dead child that never got to live it's life like a freakshow exibit......definately fucked up

  16. anencephaly

    Google that and look at the pictures.
  17. i sorta agree too... but you cant forget,... if it is real, than that is so fucked up looking, and no1 in ther life has ever seen such a thing, of course people like that are gonne parade around it and expose it, sure its fucked up, but mehh... wattya gonna do with those middle easterners

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