For those who have donated to Haiti relief orgs..

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  1. When I first heard about the earthquake I really wanted to somehow go over there for a few weeks and do what I could to help, but it's obviously not that easy and theres no way I'd really be able to do it.

    So the problem is the next best thing is to donate whatever money I can but it almost feels like my $10 is hardly going to make a difference.

    So anyways this is my idea for GC. Anyone who donates or has already donated to any Haiti relief program post in this thread how much you donated and add it to the number in the post above yours.

    This way we can see how big of a difference we can all make as a community here on the city instead of just knowing what weve donated ourselves. Lets show people that us potheads are a very generous group and do what we can to help others in need.

    I'll start. I just donated $10 to the red cross.

  2. I donated semen
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    So you went from wanting to physically travel there to donating... ten dollars?

    Lol. Bit of a stretch there.

    $100 for me, so our total is $110 so far.
  4. $526. 26 is a significant number to Jews
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    Believe me man I looked into it but the shits actualy expensive.

    I wish I could do more..

    edit: btw Im 18 years old, pay for almost all my shit, and have a whole sememster of wasted college that I have to pay off. I also need a car, which means insurance as well. So sorry man but i dont know many other kids my age who did anything at all.
  6. BostonSteez, I'm in your situation. I would LOVE to go over and help, more than anything. It would be so gratifying and humbling... on top of being able to help first hand. However, the need for people like us is pretty low. They look for medical professionals, people with disaster relief experience, construction workers, etc.

    I donated $5 to Doctors without borders, and $1 to the American Red Cross.
  7. What will happen is that a huge number of people will donate money straight away and then it will sharply decline.

    I'm gonna donate a few hundred in about 6 months to a year for them to build schools and hospitals etc.

  8. YES! I love that. You're so right. People will slowly push Haiti out of their minds... 6 months, a year, five years from now, they will still need help.

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