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For those who can't vote on polls

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. If you can't vote on a pol, but want your vote posted, PM me and i'll add your vote to the poll.

    Just want to lend a helping hand to those who can't vote..

  2. You know, Bud never did really explain why you took my voting privileges away. I'm, for the most part, a good girl, ya know?

    OH...and now...I'm jealous! I thought you only did that for me and I felt all special and then you go and tell everyone here that you'll vote for them too. What's that all about? Pretending to be Santa or something????

  3. Well for the first part of the first question that you first asked on the first thread that I first made to find out the first time.

    You were the first person that I first helped in this first situation the first time.

    For the second question asked the first time on a second basis asked by you the second time. Iloveyou for the first time of the second question?

    Now if you don't understand that the second question somehow Iloveyou responds to the first question.

    To sum all this up in easy terms.............I did it for you first because I LOVE YOU. Now I must be a good moderator and help those who are not able to poll because I LOVE YOU......

    What in the hell was the question??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Your voting privligaes? You did not vote on two of my polls. Heart broken me....

    But hey I STILL WUV YOUS...........
  4. hmmm... seems bud head stumbled across his stash today... :)

    just a little bit high are we, bud head?

  5. WELL The first joint was so damn good at first that I had to see if I could beet the first joint with a second .

    Now the second was as good as the first but the second was second to none. So the second had to be followed by the third because the second was so damn good...............

    The third was better than the first but not as good as the second brecause i had forgot what the first was klike.....So the third became the best till the forth...

    Now the eigt is the best because the otters are gone.

    How abot them joints eeehh.......
  6. Where'd the otters go?

    Which joint was the best? The 5th one.....the 10th one?? Which one was the otters in on?

    I better hit my bong and read that again...............
  7. OH YEAH!!

    I had no idea that some people weren't able to vote on the polls.


  8. Old buddy you are driving me crazy!!!!

    I am on a self-imposed hiatus from smoking and your post is killing me.........

    48 hours clean and sober, i hope I can make it until Thursday night till Survivor comes on.

  9. i'm on a parent-imposed hiatus from smoking, lmao... i've been sober since saturday... and have to stay that way for god knows how long... i guess until my parent's decide they trust me again.
  10. I love you too, Bud Head! My questions weren't really answered by your gibberish nonsense but hell, I'm loved...that's all I care about right now!!!! ;)

    Poor, you aren't smoking again until Survivor? Who do you think is going to take it? Please don't say that Clay dude...he's a jackass!!!

    Cottons...we're going to pack you up and move you out of there, soon, so you won't have to go without MaryJane, because that's just wrong!

  11. 72 hours and still going strong.

    I did break down and bought a pack of Bali Hai Djarums to nicotine me till thursday night.

    I'm pulling for Jan or Helen. I like Clay but i always pull for the old coots, i.e. Rudy, Kentucky Joe, and Big Tom (my alltime Survivor favorite). I don't like Brian in this episode, he's too arrogant, too much a pretty boy, just too much of a California/TV plastic person for me.
  12. LOL....Big Tom and his chicken dance with the feather in his ass...a classic!!! He was definitely my favorite, too, as far as personality.

    You do know that Brian was a porn star, don't you? I haven't seen any of his movies but someone released that info right when the show started.

    At this point, I'm not sure who should take it...just not the jackass. Probably ol' Jan...Helen get's on my nerves.
  13. Looks like we may have to ban BPP and RMJL for two days. They keep getting offfffffffffff topic here.

    Stonie jo the otters went swimming! LOL

    STML is a good thing you perfected Critter my Aussie friend!

    Back to my post........................RMJL the pot gods are punishing you for not sharing your weed!

  14. What topic???? I'm very puzzled!

    Bud Head, I share with EVERYONE! The pot gods would never punish me!

    You're the only one who punishes me. It makes me very sad, too. When I'm alone and life isn't being so sweet, I wonder why it is that Bud Head feels the need to punish me. What is it that I've done to sweet Bud Head? I start crying and desperation sinks in as I realize that I can't see the bong through my tears. Why me? What did I do? What did I say? :::::::sigh::::::::


  15. Who died and made you Chief Indian???

    Ban ME???!!!

    First you got to catch me!!

    Nya, Nya

    *Sticks out tongue and flips up middle finger and runs away*

    LOL ;)

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