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For those who are to high to buy a scale...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by roll1up, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. As a first post I decided to make it useful and this is a little something my roommate taught me:
    How to Roughly Scale out your flowers
    What you need:
    1) Flat Object Rulers work the best
    2) Something round...I used a Bic pen
    3) Collection of coins and bill
    4) Tape is nice but not needed

    The idea is to center the ruler on the pen. You want for each end of the ruler not to touch any surface--that the ruler is level as possible. It actually is quite easy to do especially if you tape the pen down to a surface. The next important thing to remember is the weight of the coins and bills you have. Its very simple.

    pennies (pre-1982) are 3 grams
    pennies (1982 to 2006) are 2.5 grams
    nickels are 5 grams
    all paper bills are one gram
    5 quarters equal one ounce.

    You can see that I have two pennies (2 times 2.5 grams) that are perfectly balanced with a nickle (5 grams)

    Its easy with different combinations to weigh accurately weights from one gram (less if you tear the dollar bill in half) up to several ounces. YOu just have to remember to center your weights (coins or bills) the same distance from the end of the ruler as the buds you are weighing. As you can see, I center the coin at 1 inch and the bud at 11 inches--each one inch from the edge. You can see that the Purple Chunk bud weighs very close to 3 grams.


    Stay High :smoke:
  2. + rep this is genius
  3. thanks, just something I thought would put an end to those "did i get ripped off threads"
  4. i probably be using this anytime soon, but i do think it's a clever idea.
  5. Should be stickied imo. +rep though, nice job.
  6. I'd rather just get a scale, but very informational to know till I do! +rep bro
  7. Sweet idea dude!

    I couldn't imagine pulling out a ruler, a bag of coins and a marker at my vendor's house though. Good thing I bought a digital scale hehe
    Stay lifted:smoke:
  8. Genius, absolute genius. No sarcasm either...
  9. I used to know a guy, who kept the SAME bag of nasty Asian chips for years, because he was too lazy to buy a scale, always bought ounces, and it weighed exactly an ounce including the bag. He'd use a straw to balance the two.
    I forgot what he used to say.. yeah, anytime someone tried to rip him off:

    "The chips never lie, man."

    lol :)
  10. thanks, appreciate all the positive feedback!
  11. Wow this is awesome!
  12. Smart idea that should've been thought of a long time ago (and probably already has).

    I'll give you props though, the thread was very informative.
  13. Wish I woulda thought of that before. Me and my friends tried making a scale to split up our stuff, but failed.

    Then I just bought one. Good investment.
  14. This needs to be stickied, especially considering this is the apprentice tokers section. Thanks!
  15. noo problem! glad i could help the community!
  16. Hey cool! I have all those supplies in my pencil case!
  17. Very interesting idea OP.

    I lawled.
  18. +rep bro. very nice :smoke:

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