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- For those that can, Why don't you grow?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EddieNashton, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I can't at the moment due to lack of funds...but I'm definitely going to start when I have enough money and move out with my sister.

    No lie, from reading grow journals and just gathering information...I think I am in love with marijuana. Like, the growing process...the care it needs...the results. It's all amazing to me. I also just LOVE the high...the way it allows me to reach deeper into my thoughts. I just love it. I definitely plan on growing.

    Why don't you guys grow?
  2. I live with anti weed parents. Could be growing Blue Dream right now. :( I have to agree with you on loving everything about bud though... Hell yeah.
  3. I'm waiting until I own a house, I'm not gonna do it in an apartment.
  4. It may seem all fun and games but it is expensive! think about it you have to make a micro climate in a very small space and regulate everything that happens.

    Also the smell during harvesting can be VERY intense!

    I am sure there are a lot of people that do not grow and should!

  5. May I ask why?
    I'm going to be living in an apartment and plan to grow in a stealth cabinet. But I would definitely love to hear your reasons for not. It might change my mind lol

  6. This is exactly why I plan to buy a stealth cabinet instead of make one, lol.

    I believe the system is called SuperCloset? Cost a couple thousand, but seems so worth it.
  7. Because growing is decently hard to hide in an apartment and I live in Illinois. Weed tends to smell the fuck out of wherever it's being grown. It really has nothing to do with living on your own, I moved out when I was 18 and have never grown, but I'll entertain the idea when I upgrade to a house.

  8. yeppp....

    ...fuck law:smoke:

  9. Ever looked into any of the SuperCloset products?
  10. I still live with my mom and ive talked to her about us growing together and she agrees it would be a great idea and save us money in the long run, but the cost of setting it up and the fact that we have no room to grow is what is holding us back from doin it.
  11. I can grow for personal use, but out of respect of living with the parents I choose not too. I know my dad would love for us to do it though because we have a bitchin little closet out back that can perfectly fit one, possibly two plants. My mom would not be as thrilled.
  12. Laws. I've already got a few previous marijuana charges.. gotta avoid anymore however I can
  13. No, but I live about a minute(longer with a cigarette) walking time from a police station. It's really just not worth it at all, considering the cost of lights and upkeep. I work full time and if I were caught growing, a lot of bad things would happen very fast.

    That, and I've slowed down my smoking A LOT in the past few months (I was smoking a quad of dank a weed for around a year and a half, two years?), then I moved to mids and smoked over a half ounce a week for about six months, then I took a month and a half T-break and now I'm back to dank. Now I smoke a lot by myself but it's always like a hit or three at a time, no more to keep my tolerance low :hello:

    Long post (not really)
  14. Yes. Huge. And I mean HUGE ripoff. You can build something yourself that's better and costs much less.

    Whoever said it's expensive to grow, it doesn't have to be. Especially for a small personal grow. Buying your weed is expensive.

    Grab a 150w HPS flood, a fan, a few two gallon buckets, a couple bags of perlite, and some hydro nutes. Grow them hempy bucket style and you can pull a few ounces for less than $200
  15. Right now its just too cold in my area to. Come spring, hopefully we'll have a couple seedlings in my backyard :) mainly for personal use, but i'd sell to my friends if they need any.
  16. I plan on building a nice stealth grow cabinet once I move out. My roommates can't touch it, all that dank is gonna be for me <3
  17. Outside grows?
  18. Some people can just don't want to put in the effort. Others can't because they don't have money to start up the grow or the owners of their house don't approve of it. A lot of people don't want to take the risk. Lots of reasons why some people don't grow, Its not just a, "If I can I should" type deal. Thats my opinion at least, bash me all you want...
  19. Omg. That sounds perfect for when I move out. Thank you! :smoke:

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