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  1. For those of you that subscribe to the idea of 24-72 hours dark before the 12/12 switch-

    my plants are ready to be switched from 16/8 to 12/12. I'm choosing to use a 24-36 hour dark period that started last night. During vegetation they got lights on at 7am or so, I'm now wanting to switch so the lights are on at night, like 7pm or so- as it will be getting cold here soon and the light will keep them warm. Also, I'm gone all day. Will this stress the plant? has anybody done this? Searched threads and didn't find much.
  2. Well, I tried it and I got two females when I turned the lights back on. Some people say this practice is no good- but I was ale to sex two of five at lights on and haven't seen any males yet. Can't see it worked at a disadvantage. Pics provided- first indoor grow so don't be too brutal (and yes I know, I need to take that tinfoil down- can't paint the board and it's better than nothing I figured).

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  3. nice! those looks wonderfully bushy. did you fim or top them?
  4. Awesome dude!

    When I switched my lights I thought all my plants were showing female preflowers, then after 24 hours darkness it was abundantly clear.
  5. Hey thanks!

    I didn't fim or top. I actually topped the skinny sativa on the right. It's really skinning and started having pistils a few days ago, I think it wont have much yield- at least by the looks of it.

    The one you're talking about seems to be my heavier indica (it's all bagseed that I've collected so they're all different!) I have no idea why that one is bushy, but it really is. I'm attaching pictures- under each leaf is like another shoot or bud top or whatever you wanna call it. I thought maybe it was because I have all the vertical fluorescent lights, just speculating.

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  6. I'm not clear on your question. Has anybody done this -- done what? Have extended dark at the start of 12/12? Or switched the lights-on time for 12/12 from what it was for veg? Or something else?

    You definitely can and should set your light/dark cycle to coordinate with your life schedule. Dark period while you are at work, lights on when you are home and can tend to the grow. Just back-time from what you want your new lights-on period to be and give your extended dark so that it ends at that time, will work fine.
  7. nice ive only used clones and fem seeds but it looks like those plants are good, and also foil is better than nothing
  8. Yeah- my original question was changing the time of lights on at the 12/12 switch. I didnt want to stress them into males by switching, the lights off is now when lights were on. Got lucky, no males yet!

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