For those of you without the option to visit Nirvana (here's a few of my pets)

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    Not at all as expensive as i thought, only 499 for a female piebald

    HAHAH nevermind they're as expensive as i thought....1.5k is the cheapest i think i've seen
  2. Love the GTP! I used to have a pretty modest herp collection, ranging from Hognose to Peruvian Redtails, and quite a few ball pythons. I'm heading to college and sold all of my animals less my Pastel, Albino, and a normal female. And, my iguana Gomer.

    If you're still talking about ball pythons, this is prob what you'd love to see if you said Snow...


    But there's also the Snow that comes from Albino x Axanthic breeding.
  3. Yeah that's the one, i've seen pictures. I would just like see one in captivity
  4. If you're pretty interested in that I'd recommend driving down to Daytona beach for the Daytona Reptile Expo. All the largest breeders will be there and i'm positive Bob Clark or Mike Wilbanks (Constrictors Unlimited) will have a luecistic like that on display. This will be my first year not going since 2005...sadly I can't miss any school this early in the year.
  5. sry but i fucking hate spider .... before i would touch one id bite one of my hands off xD
  6. Those are badass man. Really cool pets!

  7. Thanks dude

    Was cleaning the crested geckos cage today so put them in this temperary plastic "critter keeper" for a few minutes while it was being cleaned. Snapped a few pics for you guys.


    enjoy, Ill take some of the gargoyle geckos soon!
  8. good looking geckos

    hah this weekend i'm going to do some gecko hunting, try and get some native mediterranean geckos.
  9. Heres a quick video of my python getting a thawed mouse

    [ame=]MOV01192.flv video by hyphyperk - Photobucket[/ame]
  10. I watched that 4 times in a row dude.

    Watching it wrap up that mouse is hypnotizing.
  11. pretty wicked aye bro? hahaha :)
  12. The pics were taken right after we cleaned them off, embelical cords still attached.

  13. I wish i was cool enough to have a reptile, and I dont mean that with any sarcasm at all. they r cool as shit
  14. Wanna buy a Boa or green tree python? We'll have some Gargoyle geckos babies in a month or so :)

  15. They give birth to live young?
  16. those are some badass pets, i always wanted a lizard or some sort of reptile
  17. They do :)

    Thanks man. Do the proper research, find one you like and go for it. It's worth it!
  18. and they arent the only ones that do it, my northern watersnakes did as well

    what are you going to do with all them baby boas??

    and no, you didnt. i got myself in trouble:rolleyes:
  19. you got yourself in trouble? hahaha how? what exactly happened? Sorry hahaha. Yup there are a few species who have live birth. its a crazy thing to see. haha
  20. That GTP is a beast! Wanna get one.

    Beautiful babies by the way

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