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  1. Haha i would love to, but thats way out of my price range. I'm still on the look for a job and i have to save to get my ass back to Cali so 2000 might be a lil too much. Beautiful snakes though. I was looking at this little guy, only $299.

  2. Remember that they turn green as they age though :) He's got one that he'd prolly sell for $400, very beautiful snake. Ill have to ask him though when he gets home from work.
  3. Forsure let me know whats up. And yeah i know, i just like the Wamena's. Hit me up about it though. It probably wont be for a few months if i end up setting my mind on a green tree.
  4. I used to be huge into reptiles when I was younger. When I was in second or third grade I dreamed about being a herpetologist. Sadly, as time has passed on my love for the animals faded.

    I had a whole bunch of reptiles while growing up...2 toad headed agamas, a water dragon, a California king snake, and 2 ball pythons among others.

    I have some stories I suppose i could share too...

    I bought the California king snake when it was a about a foot long. The cage I had for it wouldn't lock all the way and some how the little sucker managed to get out. The snake was gone for about 2 weeks and then I found it in my basement and as I was trying to grab it it went down a tiny drain hole in my basement and from that point on I figured it was gone forever.

    That is until I found the damn thing like 4 months later in my basement. I was stunned and I don't know how it survived so long in my house or even how it was still in my house!:confused: I was so happy to have my pet back. :hello:

    Then probably about 2 days later I let my friend hold the snake and then he put it away without my supervision and did not close the tank properly (it was safe this time) and the fucking thing got away for good. I was pissed!

    I also have some stories about the ball pythons.

    I remember saving up for like 3 months to buy a ball python from pet world...for it to die on me in less then 2 days. I was young at the time and obviously did not properly inspect the animal before buying it cause looking back the thing was obviously sick from the start. Yet again I was pissed and pet world didn't do shit about it.

    I thought this was just a rare occurrence so I got another one when I had the money but it did not take long to find out that it was infected with mites. It was fucking disgusting. They were just tiny little bugs that would crawl in his senors on his head and shit like that. I bought some chemicals that were supposed to make the mites go away but it was a losing battle and the snake ended up dying in less then a half year.

    I don't know if I just suck at keeping animals but I do know that I will never buy another pet from pet world and I would advise everyone to do the same.

    I guess these situations just really put me off about keeping them as pets. I still think they are really cool and have been recently thinking about the idea of getting a cool little stoner pet but for now I will just stick with my 2 kittys!
  5. Will do bro

    Nice post bro, I'm sorry about your situations, but you shouldnt let it bring you down. Theres a whole world of reptiles out there that arent sick or infected with mites. Plus, there is tons of information out there in the form of the internet, books, or even by word of mouth from repitable breeders and keepers. I think you should give it another try. bearded dragons are excellent for begginners, I would suggest that :)

  6. Or Iguana's
  7. Yea the toad headed agamas were just like the bearded dragons except the dragons get a lot bigger which I think is cooler...and I think that now that I am older that I would be more responsible and would be able to tackle my problems more effectively.
  8. so theres where all the members i know are..the nirvana forums??

    wtf people i come here after 3 weeks and noones around,

    cool pets btw;)

    ok..thats all see ya all in another 3 weeks or so..
  9. That's actually a horrible recomendation, andf quite a common one at that. Male iguanas can become fairly aggressive durring the mating season, and they get a lot larger than most people would like, which is why a lot of them are let go, killed, given away, or put up for adoption.

    Right on, well go for it man. I suugest

    "The Bearded Dragon Manual" by Phillippe de Vosjoli, Robert Mailloux, Susan Donoghue, V.M.D., ROger Klingenberg, and Jerry Cole.

    Awww, well thanks for stopping in to say hello :) It's good to see you around, come by more often :D
  10. I wouldn't say "Horrible Reccomendation" because you get used to your Iguana as it gets older and used to the mating habits. Thats why you should not handle them, bites, tail whips. All that. But i had my own male Iguana when i was 5 and had him untill he died about 4 years ago. Got huge and he never once bit me. Got me with his tail a couple times but nothing that drew blood.

    And who doesn't like a reptile you can walk around with on a leash...come on man =P

  11. I think it's a horrible recomendation for a BEGGINERS pet. However, I think they are excellent pets for those with experience and with the proper knowledge and the means to keep them alive and happy (that means not shoving a full grown adult in a 100 gallon tank and calling it good...
  12. True, but they are widely popular and like i was saying. A begginer is not going to go out and buy a full grown Iggy. I mean unless you want to get fucked up. But if you buy a baby and are able to grow with it and learn with it. You should be fine as a begginer. Thats why i recomended it. It's a great learning rep

  13. I still have to disagree because most people buy them without doing the research and end up with a lizard that is growing wildly out of control for they they initially though. So they let them go, kill them, pass them off, or shove them in a "too-small" cage and forget about them.....

    I would recomend bearded dragons over any other reptile as a good beginers pet.
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    I'm not saying a bearded dragon wouldn't be a great beginers pet because they are. But still, i guess it all comes down to the person.

    My First tarantula was a Cobalt tarantula, which is a very aggressive tarantula. But i had dealt with aggressive animals before and knew i could handle it. I did my research and it lasted me 2 years untill i had to move away and give it to a buddy of mine.

    Shit you can even get a Water dragon, similar to an iguana. And in my opinion more enjoyable than Bearded dragons. Probably because my dad fabricated a multi climate cage(welded two 50 gallons and had the bottom "floor" a tropical water filled zone with gold fish for snacks. And the top was Desert with a heat rock, close to the heat lamp, etc) Those are pretty much Beginner reps too in my opinion

    Edit: If you buy them prepared with a large enough tank, know how to take care of them etc. I consider "beginner" to mean learning. Bearded dragons you can't really learn from other than how they react to certain things and how to take care of them. If you're going to get into reptiles you need to do your research

    But i'm not arguing with ya man. I respect your experience with reptiles, and probably have more than i do. Its just an opinion after all ha

  15. Right on man, I can respect your opinion. I have just seen too many iguanas up for adoption and shit because people couldnt handle them anymore because they were too big for them to own or want to own.
  16. Yeahhh, which is sad because they really are badass.

  17. Oh they totally are

  18. Hahaha hell yeah.
    I got to thinking about snakes earlier and i may end up going with a ball python.

    Piebald Python

  19. That is a BEAUTIFUL snake bro. Wow. Good choice, I'd go with one of those if I had a spare enclosure big enough to house it
  20. Their pretty expensive from what i remember, but the colors/genes are well worth it in my opinion. I'd love to see some pure Snow Pythons as well.

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