For those of you without the option to visit Nirvana (here's a few of my pets)

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  1. Couple of my friends from California used to do that all the time, they would go out hunting for um and bring back a dozen at times. It's fairly easy in Cali since they are everywhere if you go to the right places
  2. and theat's where I'm posted, Southern Cali
  3. Saw that, i used to reside in in Orlando ha

  4. So you know where San Jacinto and Hemet are? I used to live there. Now I'm in L.B.
  5. I lived in hemet for almost 8 years. It's decent, but a hell of alot better than where i am now so hah. Alot of pretty good connects in hemet too

  6. Thats bad ass bro! I know a lot of chill people there!!!! Did you go to school there? I went to San Jacinto high, do you remember hearing about the HUGE race riot like 6 years ago???
  7. HAH yeahh that shit was pretty funny. Where you around when it happened? But i lived in Perris at the time, and went to PHS. But yeah hemet has alot of badass dudes....uh i went to West Valley sophmore and half of my Junior year.
  8. That is one mean looking snake, I dig your pets nice job. Ive got a bearded dragon of my own pretty chill lizards.
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  9. Man here in FL they got easter diamondback rattlesnakes... I seen one that was a good 6ft long and a huge mean lookin head on him... FUCK messin with that thing. This was pretty deep in the woods though.
  10. Haha yeah FL has some rattlers, i would be more worried about Water Moccosins(sp?) though. I heard those mothers are pretty damn aggressive. Like they chase you...

  11. I was IN that riot dogg. Was, I ran into it to rescue this girl aquantence I saw who was getting trampled on the ground (wrong place, wrong time) then the SWAT officer told me to get in the gym but I ran to save her and got shot in the back with a pepper spray "paint"ball.

    Thanks bro, got pics?

    Haha nice bro, I woulda caught it for sure!!!

    Hmmm, anyone interested in capturing and shipping a Water Moccosin to Long Beach? Hahaha, preferably a prime specimin? :)

  12. Dammnnnn fool, haha thats some good shit though. good looking out for the girl. I was around when the whole mexican walk out bullshit was going on. I got shot at by some cops with the "pepper balls" as well but i'd been paintballing for so long then and they were shitty tippmans i dodged them pretty easy. Made it back to my class safe and sound...that day was a fuckin mess haha.

    They get like 7-8 feet long so i've heard and are black untill they're in the light or something and come up a very pretty cobalt color. Very aggressive and very venomous as i've heard as well. If you can get someone with the balls to catch them that would be sick. I haven't even seen one the year and a half total i've been around Florida.
  13. yeah they can GET big, that doesnt mean they are BORN 7+ feet long :p

    Hahaha, I'll get one somehow. I know a guy who breeds some sort of Cobra's in the midwest, I'm gonna get them. (obviously captive bred, he didnt catch them here hahaha)
  14. yeah i know, haha i didn't say they were born that big....shit that would be a damn big snake.

    I honestly want an Albino Cobra so bad.

  15. Oh, I know. Im just saying it wouldnt be impossible to find one of a shorter length to ship out here :p
  16. Nah but unless you had someone that bread them, which i doubt there is...but it is very possible since i've never bothered to check. My friends say you never really see babies, you always see the big ass ones when they're trying to get your ass. But i'm sure if you did some looking you could find some. I'll even do some asking around out here for you
  17. Those pics are clean, that first pic is badass. I used to has a ball python, but it died:( lots

    of good years though. I saw your other thread with a pic of Huntington pier. I never been, but

    I know where thats at. So How's it over there?
  18. That'd be legit as fuck bro, thanks!

    Thanks bro, it's pretty badass. Lots of beautifull women. :D Lots of cops at that beach though drivin by on quads, but I still blaze there all day every day and never been busted once
  19. I'm closer to newport beach down the coast if you know where that's at.
  20. I use to live 2 blocks from there. I would get shitfaced at Hurricanes then walk to the pier. In fact thats where I met my wife!

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