For those of you without the option to visit Nirvana (here's a few of my pets)

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to look and to post bro :) I'll keep updating this. and.... as a weird sort of advertisement for GC, if you want to see my WHOLE collection, including all of my pictures, you'll have to donate to GC to become a donating member to get rights to visit the Nirvana Forum, where I have all my really high quality pics of all the clutch mates of my Python and other bearded dragons, and so on and so fourth :p;)

    EDIT: Your a bronze member, check out my other thread in the nirvana forum bro.
  2. nice lizards beardy
  3. I have a cat :confused:
  4. crazy pic of th\at mouse being eaten by the tarantula.
  5. Yeah I checked them out bro :) Man, I've gotta spend more time in the Nirvana section!

  6. You and me both brotha. Ill be posting more pics in there probably tommorow, so subscribe to this thread andf the nirvana one if your interested. I've got litterally HUNDREDS of pics and ill be taking a lot more tommorow. Maybe I'll include my geckos, my other 4 bearded dragons, the other 3 pythons, and some of the tarantulas :)
  7. man those reptiles are absolutly amazing! I would not have them in my house but give props to you for handling them. as cool as they are i think the fuckers would scare me a little at night haha! sick collection tho dude i think i will subscribe haha. need to donate to gc but dont have pay pal or anything at the moment,,, its on my list of things to do so i can access this new forum haha

  8. yeah fuzzies or pinkies usually are considered "treats" for tarantulas but i wanted to see how it would look if it munched on one. It was crazy watching basically dissected the thing. I would feed my other T's frogs, lizards and other shit i would find crawling around my house since i live out in Florida.

    He was amazing though....I woke up on thanksgiving morning a couple years ago with him just chillin on my hand. Startled me but he was probably the most docile Tarantula i've ever owned so i handled him all of the time.
  9. Thanks bro, I actually have SOME of the reptiles in the house, some are out in the Reptile ROom in my garage. My python got out once, and it was pitch black in the room, I was navagating by cell phone light when I noticed it wasnt in the enclosure.... turns out it was at head height hanging on a light fictures power cord (CLOSE CALL glad I didnt frighten it!)

    Ill be updating this thread ass well, so you wont miss out completely until then bro :) haha

    Thats pretty bad ass bro :D:wave:
  10. Awesome man, I really like those Tegu's , never heard of that species, how much do those generally cost?
  11. Yeah your reps are beautiful by the way man, i have an 8 year old ball python as well thats a sweet heart. Little fuckin Houdini though, tries to get out of his cage allllll damn night.
  12. Thanks dude. The ones I got were priced at $125 but they were on sale for $90, but we traded a python for them.

    If you decide to get them remember if they are priced reaallly cheap they are most likely the less-tame COLUMBIAN black and white tegus, not the generally more tame Argentine Black and White's. :)

    Thanks bro, yeah I almost named my python Houdini cuz it's got out a few times :)

    Could you post some pics? Feel free to post them in my thread if you can.
  13. yeah i'll get um up in a couple minutes
  14. haha didn't even notice my trunks weren't strapped all the way up, just got outta bed a took a couple snaps...i'll have some better pics up tomorrow.


    and right now he is obsessed with the heat from the laptop

  15. Do rattlesnaked actually calm down enough to be held without biting the fuck out of you?
  16. nice snake bro!

    Mine never did. Haha they were always Snappy. Almost got bite a number of times haha
  17. thanks man, yeah he's about 4 feet long . the pics make him look pretty small. i've had him since he was about 6 inches long hah

  18. Did you find it already wild and slithering around or did you have the momma?

    Yeah Im more of a vicious dog type of guy... I dont feel the reptiles, and ESPECIALLY the spiders... UGH.
  19. hahah damn alot of spider dislikers here, honestly get a rose hair or a mexican red knee and if you have the balls to let them crawl on you, you'll find they aren't that bad

  20. I caught all my rattle snakes. A lot of people call me if they are on their property or in their house and I catch and keep them for a while, then release them away from civilization.

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