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  1. After I get out of college this is my #1 choice of places to live. Beautiful scenery, lots of outdoor activities, high quality medical herbs(cali has the same but owell), and just looks like a great place to live.

    Somewhere preferably near the mountains or just somewhere a bit less populated. Just trying to get a general idea of what its like up there.

    Can someone describe it for me? What is the cost of living like?(not like super shitty neighborhood just a nice town) How are the people? How is the food?
  2. I have family who lives in Colorado, so my whole life I've visited there for long periods of time. Colorado Springs to be exact. It is a beautiful place to be, the air smells so fresh, and the atmosphere seems so calm. I can't really answer questions about the cost of living, the people, or the food; cause I think you have to live somewhere before really experiencing all that.

    Colorado Springs is near mountains, and it's less populated than Denver of course. Denver is only like an hour drive I think. As I mentioned, Colorado Springs is a beautiful quiet place to be. I'd recommend it.
  3. my buddy livess out there says he loves it, hes got a decent place in lakewood with 2 other guys, he says he pays about 400 a person a month. buds are like 250-275 an oz there, 30-40 an 8th.
  4. If you want mountains and small population, go with Durango, a small town in the Southwest of the state. There's great bud, good recreation, and politics that are comfortably progressive. Living here myself, I couldn't think of many other places I'd rather live.

  5. fuckdude, just looked at the google maps streetview of that place, gorgeous. you are so lucky.
  6. You should want to live in one of the Denver suburbs like Aurora or Centennial, you wouldn't be far from the mountains or the dispensarys.
  7. I wanna move to Co once I get my shit together also.
  8. Boulders where its at. Good people, good food, great bud, beautiful scenery right at the base of the mountain. I love it out here. :smoke:

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