For those of you that don't think the gov. is corrupt

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BluntSmoka420, May 4, 2011.

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    [ame=]YouTube - Texas Legislation[/ame]

    hypocrisy at its finest. I fucking hate our government
  2. renegade old people in power
  3. For those of you that don't think the gov. is corrupt

    That should be a short list:rolleyes:

  4. I lol'd. Especially on GC. You're not really going to have to convert too many people bud
  5. haha yeah...well I know quite a few that I'm associated with. They're all like USA USA USA...and still a good video regardless I think ;)
  6. Of course the government is corrupt, but there are excessively worse governments that have risen and fallen throughout all of existence that greatly exceed the amount of corruptness that our government possesses.

  7. soooo... are you saying its okay to be a little corrupt?
  8. I love that our government is corrupt... for many fucking reasons. It gives us the best conversations, the best theories. You can make up the most far-fetched theory and it will be believable because of our governments past.. That's awesome. And having a corrupt governments keeps shit interesting. I'm just saying...
  9. every government is corrupt , it's just a question of how much......
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    I'm saying that in comparison to the corruptness of other counties, are's isn't really that bad. However, I'm not saying its the ideal model of a rational government...

    At least our government doesn't have complete control of the economy, allow the people no say in how it works, and the majority of the profits go to the leaders of the country; the latter though tends to prove more times than not though :p

    Its definitely corrupt alright, marijuana prohibition being a prime example, but you have to remember that our massive country of over 300 million people has only been in existence for 235 years.. whereas countries that have existed for at least half a millennium still exist in turmoil.

    In the end, its never ok to be corrupt. Things change very slowly, but usually always change for the better of society eventually.
  11. I really dont see how anyone thinks that rich to fairly rich old people have ANY idea what the population wants.

    They only know what rich old people want, because thats what they are.

    Kind of like saying, "Hey, I think Im going to have a war monger represent me and what I want when Im a complete pacifist."


    "Hey, I think Im going to have a lion decide what I want, even though Im an antelope."

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