For those of you that asked about the ice pinch slide- a video.

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  1. I had quite a few questions on the functionality of the ice pinch slide, so I made this video real quick-

  2. Looks like it works great. Not sure why anyone thought otherwise(?)
  3. Wow, that fills and clears the chamber very quickly. I'll be looking for one of those the next time I'm at the headshop.
  4. Is that a Toro pinch slide Trikky?
  5. Honalee, but it's the same basic design.
  6. Oh, ok. Thanks driver. I thought it looked familiar. I have seen these one a few toros and they look like they would fuction great. It looks like it would alow for a lot more air flow. I wonder if it's a 3 pinch or 4?
  7. 3 pinch.

    I'currently uploading two more videos that are upclose action so you can see the flow well.
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    Here's one of the videos-


    ...and the other-

  9. nice milkvids, i was questioning whether or not bud would get sucked thru that slide.
  10. Unless it's shake I doubt he would have a problem with bud falling through reggie. And Wow Trikky, it does milk up fast. Is that beaker a RooR Kustom?
  11. The bud doesnt even fall thru if it's shake. In fact, shake is what is packed in there in the videos. Smokes better that way in fact. Just doesn't have a lot of pressure building up behind the ash, which is what makes the ash snap through.

    Yeah, it's my RooR.Kustom. I haven't broken it out in a while, so I thought it needed a little use. Sometimes they feel neglected.

  12. I watched your vids and I want to know why you keep that keck clip on the downstem. It sort of defeats the purpose of having the seperate stem if you can't pull it to clear your bong.

    The clips are convenient when you want to keep two joints together, like in a lab, but I always use my downstem to carb my bong, so I have no need for one of them.

    When you pull the bowl out, notice how much the water gets kicked up?
  13. trikky, I, and everyone I know clears the tube by pulling the slide, not the diffy. When you only clear the diffy, there tends to be a bit of stale smoke left inside it, and the slide. although pulling the diffy and slide together do make it quieter, it's really not worth it IMO
  14. meh. looks like any old bowl to me but whatever. as long as it gets you *higggggghhh
  15. those ice pinch slides are pretty cool,
    but i prefer the ones with the slits insted.
    ice pinches allow too much ash.
    the slits are perfect!
  16. ^^ im not sure if these last posters are blind or what but that is a very efficient piece. it takes hardly no effort at all to milk it up, i wish i had one to feel the difference. i cant believe i havent seen this vid until now though,lol.:D
  17. i almost bought a toro ice pinch the other day... but i was unsure about it but now maybe i should gotten it

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