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For those of you lucky enough, what strain are you chillen on this fine day?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ph(x)milk, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Today im lucky enough:hello: Chillen on sour D, goes for a rediculous $30 g :eek: in this area, but your paying for NYC top qual. if only I could go to Humboldt...

    p.s. sorry I dont have a digital camera to capture the trichrome goodness of this sativa bomb.

    So what are you guys chillen on?
  2. man, i don't got shit. hopefully tonight i will tho, even tho im broke like a bitch.
  3. shiskaberry
  4. Some of that haze.
  5. white widow
  6. pretty soon some shwag (on a budget)
  7. here where i'm at in nc we don't get shit this might be the first town that is dry everyday of the year
  8. white widow and some regs.
  9. jamaican bubble gum hash, dutch moonshine hash, and some random dank kush.
  10. jesus christ bigbro, i have a cousin up in Ont. that I havent visited in 2 years looks like I need to. and i bet its all at a reasonable price too because of your locality
  11. i like my 30 gram headbag of jack herer
  12. 3.5 of sour og
  13. some type of kush
  14. I got a cola of some random dank...generic but packs a tight buzz. 2.2grams
    And I'm going to meet a blade at 5 and grab a G of generic hashish...25$
  15. Im starting the day off with a strain called Cough, a creeping, then soaring sativa, with a cup of coffee, this is a great start to a day.

    I think I will drop a chunk of kief on top of this too... its already late in the day.
    I'm a kid in a candy store :D

    Later today I'll probably move to the Haze, then the Haze with some Pure kush hash.

  16. i just picked up a new assorted O from the dispensary, but still had some shake/small buds from sour kush, organic og kush, super gu, red dawn and GDP, so i tossed it all in the grinder and came out with about 2 grams of unbelievable herb.

    the new O has red dawn, trainwreck, super diesel, diesel kush, dragon's breath and white dot
  17. #18 ph(x)milk, Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Lebowski looks like someone knows how to start their day right. I would def def save the kush hash for some late night delight:smoking:
  18. 5 grams of Jack herer, 21 grams of some no-name headies, and 2 grams of some other headies. Can you say salad bowl :D
  19. Im chillin with my homegrown.

    ive got about 2 gallon bags full

    we call it inspector gadget


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