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  1. Just curious but what does it usually mean if a pill smells somewhat "sweet". That's the best word I can use to describe it. The pill was obviously not candy (so don't even try it!), but it definitely smelled kinda... sugary? I guess that's what it smelled like.. is this a sign of BPZ?
  2. uhh. tbh im not quite sure. x sure aint sweet though so thats odd.
  3. Was there an S on the pill?
  4. how about you just pop it, and you tell us.
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    I already popped them last weekend. I'm not very experienced with x but they were good rolls. I was just surprised at the smell they had... like i said they smelled very sweet (kind of like candy) but tasted bitter so I donno. I guess i was just curious :confused: Thanks for the replies.

    edit; and no they were not sweet tarts haha. white playboy bunnys, very clean roll.
  6. hahahahahahah
  7. BZP has a bitter taste to it just as MDMA does, so taste/smell isn't really a reliable indicator of what might be in your pills.
  8. Thank you for a useful response. I guess I haven't rolled enough in my life to tell by the actual roll either butttt I'm gonna take 'em again tomorrow:smoke:

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