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  1. Sorry if these songs have been posted today. I looked on the first 4 pages and /didn't see them. The two songs are WWC (World Wide Choppers) and He's a Mental Giant which are two songs he has released from his "6's and 7's" album. The other two are songs that were leaked earlier. F.A.N.S. and I Love Music. Tech's a legend.

    [ame=]YouTube - Tech N9ne - Worldwide Choppers lyrics feat. Yelawolf Busta Rhymes Twista Ceza freestyle[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Tech N9ne - He's A Mental Giant +MP3 Download! 2011[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Tech N9ne - F.A.N.S.[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Tech N9ne - I Love Music ft. Kendrick Lamar & Oobergeek ALL 6'S AND 7'S LEAK[/ame]
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    Damn why he's releasing all his songs so soon before the album come out lol.
    He must have 25+ songs on there. Anyway that world wide choppers song is impressive, All of them went in on that song.

    I was hoping he finally release that song with Lil Wayne on the xxl interview today, That's the only song i need off the album lol :mad: Im guessing he's saving that one for the album to boost album sales.
  3. I quite like these songs

  4. One of the songs was leaked on accident. Think it was the I Love Music one. This album is going to be good. Everyone was asking for him to leak Delusional, that could be the song with Wayne.

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