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  1. thats cool i wasnt talking about u
    snt= smokentoke420

  2. Thas cuz shes my type :D
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    My bad, stoned mind thought your snt was isnt misspelled. LOL.

    I feel like a world class douche right about now

    Comment retracted. :D

  4. Aye fool, least you can man up and admit a mistake. I can respect that, especially since I almost tore ya a new one for disrespectin my beezie. But I told her that you prolly thought SNT was "Isnt" widdout the I.


  5. well i went to bed last night, but they were nice. as far as gettin high goes, ill stick with my herb cuz its a lot safer and i enjoy that high more, but ive got no complaints about the vicodin. thanks for all the help guys.

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