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  1. but i might, idk, im kinda on the fence.
  2. alright, down the hatch lil guys....
  3. Lol what is that supposed to mean?

    All information I gave is completely legitimate.
  4. pills kill alot of people every day and its easy to get addicted and when you a using an opiate like vics the addiction is more than mental its physical too smoke herb its good for you
  5. okay, so i took them and i dont feel anyhting, how longs it take?
  6. Give it 30-45 minutes.

    If you don't feel anything by then, DO NOT take any more.

    Just ride it out.

    Keep us updated.
  7. yeah no problem. thanks for the advice.
  8. It's obvious to me that not only do you severely lack the motivation, and possibly intelligence, to do your own research on the chemicals that your trying to ingest to adjust your state of consciousness, but you also make it painfully obvious that you are underage. If you answered Yes to at least 2/3 of the previous accusations, I would recommend you take zero Vicodin's, and maybe a couple ibuprofen for the migraine you're gonna get from thinking too hard.

    Seriously dude,
    if this question even needs to be asked, then you really don't need to be taking them. The answer, by the way, is yes. Narcotic pain killers, especially those in the opiate family, are dangerous and have to potential to be fatal if you overdose or mix with the wrong drugs. Also, opiate addiction is very real, and I highly doubt it's something you or anyone else would wish to ever experience. This is from an addict who's experienced it all his self.

  9. so i thnk its fair of me to say, wtf?
    im not underage.
    i dont need to fuckin impress you.
    and im a smart person.

    whats it liek on your high horse?
    hopefully you dont fall down and have to join the rest of us down here with the village people.
    peace\ \/ /
  10. i just feel groggy and its kinda a heady high.
    its nice, but i thnk ill stick with my herb.
    thanks tee 8sh cee for the help.
    smokeandtoke, learn some basic social skills please.
  11. He was trying to be helpful man. No need to get disrespectful.

    Addiction is a very real possibility.

    Everyone will accept the pills differently, and if you do not make it a habit then you should be fine.

    But it is ultimately up to you whether or not you want to take the risk.

    By all means have fun, but be responsible.
  12. How long ago did you ingest?
  13. bout a half hour ago.

    and i dont think its very helpful when someone calls you childish and stupid.
  14. Understood.

    You more than likely haven't peaked yet.
  15. Well come on, really? Your not going to get high off Ibuprofen, your either ignorant, fiendin, and underage. As for vicodin use and dosages, you can either google it(, or you can search one of the many, many threads on the subject here in the forums.(

    Quit being lazy, and use your head. You just said you're a smart person, why cant you figure it out.

    Anyways, try 20mg of hydrocodone your first time, it should kick in within 20-30 minutes, and last a few hours. The high is relaxing, slightly euphoric, and somewhat dreamy. You get a sense of well being, and you may start nodding off into a day dream-like state.

    You cant say I never helped you.
  16. yeah, im just really dizzy and kinda dazey.
    but its nothing liek herb and i love an herb high.
    the insightfulness.
    the pychological effect.

    im glad i did this becasue i know what its liek, and i know that i wont want to do it again.
  17. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't enjoy it as much as I did.
  18. your right you dont have to be childish or stupid you may just be asking advice and it seems that guy can seem lie a dick when gives advice but he made some good points like the fact about mixing opiates with other drugs like barbituates that is how my dad died mixing herion with kolonipin although your situation is obviously not that intens you should be carefull with prescription pills as a matter of fact i suggest you dont use them at all but if you do be carefull and enjoy i use a morphine or an oxy on occasion its ok if your smart enought o know what your getting into

  19. the only reason i brought up ibuprfoen is cuz i thought people got high off it. sorry man. and i did google it and did some research, but i wanted to see what my fellow blades had to say.
    but thanks for the advice.
  20. I can't use oxys on "occasion".

    Just kicked my oxy addiction.

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