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    Been thinking about this today, so figure in the future we go on an all out war, and it comes down to nuclear superpowers treatening to blow up the planet. Would aliens intervene? If they are truly watching over us and protecting us, as I believe they are, how would their intervention change this planet? Would aliens stop us from killing ourselves? Idk, been thinking a lot today, just got over a sickness so my brain has been going at 100 mph. Just an interesting thought I had.:D
  2. if such an event were to happen and the aliens felt the need to protect us from ourselves, they would probably remain silent and disable the nuclear weapons somehow. i doubt they would present themselves to humanity at the brink of nuclear annihilation, with already high tensions.
  3. There's probably aliens in our solar least single-celled aliens

    come on mang, there's creatures we haven't even discovered in the oceans on this planet
  4. Why would they protect us rather than letting us run our course?
  5. [quote name='"Mogwai"']Why would they protect us rather than letting us run our course?[/quote]

    Cause there dumb lol
  6. Fuck aliens , watch out for mountain lions! Thoses shits are dangerous and are already on this planet. :eek:

  7. I think the no name calling rule should apply to extraterrestrials as well.
  8. It's already happened.
  9. When was that?
  10. nah, earth is a reality show like that episode of south park.

    but I've told you too much, so now I have the ok to let you guys perish in radiated cinders
  11. Well they didnt during the cuban missle crisis.
  12. What do you mean they have?
  13. I'd like to think they would help us, but really, why would they? Sure there's good humans, but most of us are selfish greedy war-hungry evil demons. Lately, I honestly feel the world would be better off if the human race just somehow ceased to exist..
  14. No, they would let nature take it's toll. I'm sure the aliens don't believe that the human civilization is too big to fail. If by nature we're meant to let the douchebags that run the politics blow up our world, then by nature we're not meant to survive and the aliens would be aware of that.
  15. [​IMG]

    Aliens might or might not be out there. No doubt they give zero fucks about humans though.
  16. I dont think aliens would intervene. I dont think there are any universal bail outs. Who would stand to gain from saving a race bent on destruction, they would just be prolonging the inevitable.

    If there is sentient alien lifeforms out there, I dont think they would have anything to do with us until we could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have put our primitive mindsets behind us.
  17. You honestly believe that aliens are watching us and protecting us? Where did you get this idea?

    Why would aliens care about us?
  18. Aliens don't have to worry about a thing, we humans, are already good at pointing the weapons at ourselves.
  19. We are waiting for the day when the majority of people on Earth do not rely on mythological or religious fantasy to guide important decisions on how you govern yourself and manage your planet. Contact will then be made. We are prepared to wait.

    In the meantime we will occupy ourselves by doing extensive research into the effects of THC. :smoking:

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