for the people always on the move...

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  1. what fast food item or food item in general do you miss the most. maybe something they have only in one area, or well..just something exclusive, that you would do anything to have again...?

    - in my case in n out for starters...

    - and second i just looked if dallas tx has any del tacos. and fuck they don't. how am i gonna live
  2. in chicago, we have a place called portillo's. ughhhh i'm going to miss the shit out of that place if i ever move away from here.
  3. if i moved from l.a

    id miss pinks....pattys pizza and wildflour.

    i got burnt crucial on in-n-out
  4. what you move to texas?
  5. moving away from iowa i missed caseys pizza, b-bops, and taco time

    moving away from cali it was pick up stix, in n out, and fat burger
  6. Ameci's pizza...dankkkk pizza by the slice for $1 (I can never finish more than 3, no matter how firm of a grip the muchies have me by)
  7. whitecastles, wafflehouse, steak and shake, cracker barrell, and homemade pie and ice cream kitchen
  8. pattys burritos in Claremont. This isnt my pic and i dont know who this lady is, but thats Patty's.. mmmm dank

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    Most of the dank mexican food places out here, and forsure In and Out.

  10. not even. california is my state man.

    my mom thinks i have a drug problem cuz i smoke weed. so yeah living with my aunt, working at her chinese restaurant! hahahaha

    dang...totally forgot texas has a pretty big mexican influence as well. nice, cant go wrong with authentic mexican food
  11. oh dude!! Taco Time is the SHIZZNIIT!.:smoking::smoking: Love those mexitfries, and crisp bean burrrrrito.
  12. mezzo mix, its in Europe. Made by Cola so I dont know why it isnt in USA. Its soo good. Half orange soda and half coke

  13. Holy shit.. Now that sounds dank!!:hello:

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