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For the OG's...Remember!?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ttook, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. i have grown up in SF whole life, and when i was coming up i remember when purple haze/kush Was neon Green frosty but with the most vibrant purple hairs. like you had a black light for hair's, and i remember like White Rhino with gold hairs, and bunch of the weed in the mid/late 90's the weed didnt have color on it, but the Hairs had different color's from red/purple/blue/gold... i rember this one time we called it Northern Fruit loop's it had a blend of red/purple/white/orange hairs and was just caked in crystal's...
    so my point is why do we only see herb with colored bud and never colored hair's . is it due to all the crossing that has gone on and most plants being from clone's not seed? i would love to get my hand on some of these old treasures... let me know what you guys think and remember thanks alot :hello: OO and if any one has pictures of these old treasures please post thanks again
  2. I'd like to just at least get to see these buds ......

    Some nug porn for sure hope these strains come back in a safe way

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