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For the more seasoned tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SlightlyStoned, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Question. Realistically how does the weed from back in the day compare to the bud thats around now a days? What was the high like? I've always heard that the marijuana strains from back in the day were more potent, but i want to hear what someone who has actually experienced it has to say
  2. Good question, My pops says the bud from back in the 60s and 70s was much danker then todays buds, all i can do is dream
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    From having smoked with a lot of older people, usually when I pull out top grade stuff, people think its great. Had some stuff I got for me and my buddy who buys stuff for him and his dad whos a big stoner, his dad insists its the best stuff he has ever gotten, and it is quite danky.

    In fact had a conversation yesterday with a mid 40s woman about quality of weed, she said most stuff back in the day was homegrown outdoor stuff that didn't compare to the mass indoor grow rooms and stuff of today. And a lot of the stuff would get pulled up a little early to stop people from trying to steal the plant once its ready...

    Now I also have never smoked back in the 70s so I don't really know myself, but from what I have heard from most people is that weed was more open then, however overall most weed was less potent than it is now. However, of course there were strains back then that I'm sure were extremely potent.
  4. tide stick or what ever its called my dad said was one of the best
  5. Do you mean "Thai Stick?"
  6. maybe idk lol i guess those two sound a little similar
  7. I think your talking about thai stick, right? But anyways i read somehwere official (i think high times) that the overall quality of weed (judging the THC content) has not changed dramatically, what has changed is now there are much more cross breeds and growers can grow different straints for different highs, obviously.
  8. Well, in my opinion the weed is better now then in the 70's. It just seems there is much more high quality bud around. Just my opinion.
  9. IMO the weed today is way more potent and dank. Have any of you ever seen that 1970s High Times centerfold with all the old school classics on em, Thai Stick, Acaupalco Gold,etc. They were all completely leafy, airy, flat schwagg buds.
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    accidentally sent this as a pm.

    If you go to this thread, (Revival of the Ultimate Sativa Thread - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums) and in the first post find the link to the thread titled "Vintage Cannabis Photography" you can see many old pics of weed in the early days. It's right under the old pic of a stone pipe.

    Long story short, The tip top of the line stuff was mostly high mids, or low dank quality by todays standards. Don't get me wrong, they will get you high as hell. Just like crystally "mersh" will today. But that was available to only a small percentage of people. Also it was mostly sativas instead of indicas.

    Most of what was around for the average smoker was very low quality. "Regs" haven't changed a whole lot in 40 years. Just like today they run the gamut of leafy, unripe trash full of white seeds that only give a headache. But they also have regs that are lightly seeded, fresh, green, ripe, sticky, and potent.

    But "dank" as we know it really wasn't even available until the late 90's in many parts of the country. Before that it was mostly regs.

    It's important to realize weed is usually just as good as it's grown. If you take 100 seeds and just wild plant them outside, and check them at harvest you will get schwag. If you take those 100 seeds, choose the best female as a mom, take clones and grow them indoors with nutes they will be drastically different.

    There was properly grown bud back then too, just much less of it because people didn't know how. It truly wasn't until the internet that enough people had access to grow info that the "dank" scene really exploded. But check out that picture of purlple haze. That is the original and from the 70's. You can see it's crystally. They didn't trim leaves back then so it's hard to see the buds.
  11. There's always been good weed around, especially if you grew your own. That said, the weed from back in the late 80's/early 90's wasn't nearly as good as what we have access to now, but that's just my own personal experience. However, if you talk to old-school hippies from the 60's they'll tell you that the stuff now is way more potent than back then....obviously your mileage will vary.
  12. Well seeing how there has been alot of changes in the way weed is grown I'd have to say the weed nowadays is way better haven't you ever found an older person's stash 8/10 it's really schwaggy .
  13. no maaan, its tied to a stick! lol
  14. not this again.


    Use the search button, there was a 30 page thread about this like 2 weeks ago

  15. That just isn't true, at all.
  16. Wasn't around then, but back then I imagine it was all a bit more natural, outdoor you maybe a not so intense high as all this hydro shit, afterall its only intensifying the surroundings it should be in...Also all the cross breeding to create more potent strains must have boosted the level of it all by now.
  17. I would like to hear answers to this as well. I always hate hearing the excuse from anti MJ people saying that weed is 20X more potent then back in the 70's. I want to know if this is true or government BS.
  18. Well I remember the first joint I smoked in 1968 got me pretty fucked up, but then so did the joint I smoked 10 minutes ago.
    Like someone else already said, the top grade herb wasn't as available then as it is now and the majority of herb was Sativa.
    Thai sticks, Colombian gold, Panama Red, are three I remember getting you as high as whats around now.
    Also a lot more herb is grown locally and with less travel and handling you are going to get a better product.
    As for herb being over all more potent, maybe.
    With what some of the breeders are doing it only stands to reason that the potency would improve.
    The first grower/breeder I knew was back in the early 70's and to this day I would gladly smoke what he grew back then and it was not any named strains.
    Which brings up another question.
    Does the hype behind the different strain names add to the possible illusion that herb today is more potent?
  19. Alright basically dank back in the day compared to dank today was sooo much weaker. the highest known THC% 30+ years ago was maxing out at like 10%. The highest known strain today is pushing the 30% limits. The science of growing weed has progressed so much that weed today is just better. Our middies was their dank. our dank was unheard of. we definitely have the better shit these days.
  20. It doesn't make any sense how weed back in the day could be more potent than today. The longer something is around, the closer to perfection it gets.

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