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For the mechanically minded

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. "hey BPP, where are you going with that can of black pepper and the gallon jug of water?"

    "I'm going to work on my truck so I can make it to work for another week."

    Now, what do you think is wrong with my truck? and what do i need to do to fix it correctly?
  2. Radiator or cracked head.

    My dad fixed a Nissan truck that had a cracked head with Liquid Glass..He bought it at the drug store...

    Now What did I win??
  3. Ok... I'm one of those ladies who to'ally believe in division of labor when it comes to cars, and mowing the lawn...

    I'll have to say though... it could be to clean the terminals that lead to the battery *confused*

    Here is where you guys say...

    "Good answer, good answer"

    But think... *wtf is SHE on* (confused)

    So when will we find out?
  4. Man, I knew I should have followed my gut. I was going to say something that had a leak like a radiator. I think there is some kind of powder stuff you use to do that and the pepper made me think of it.

    If you need to clean the battery terminals just use coke. It worked for me.

    Here's a question. Somebody told me yesterday that you can put a potato on an antenna and it will pick up radio stations that so?

    Here's another question. If you hit your brakes to slow down, and your steering wheel shakes, what does that mean? I think that an alignment is needed but someone...the potato person...told me that it was the rotors. But I don't think so...
  5. Drove a Monte Carlo like that for 6 months one time.

    I loved that car!

    Watch out for old men in big cars with funny hats and thick glasses!

    About the front end, about an 80% chance that it's the rotors. Just got done putting new one's on Patch's car and my truck. I had turned both of them 6 months earlier, only took about .015 inches off of each one. Within 6 months they had warped. A wise old guy at work says they ain't worth a shit no more cause they can't use asbestos in them anymore.

    Front ends ain't exactly one of my specialties, but when you drive like I do, you need good brakes.

  6. HIGH All, back in 80's my Dad owned brake shop and yes I was a brake mechanic for him. Out of round rotors are your problem. Used to charge 15 bucks to turn both of them, now it's at least 20 bucks a piece.]

    Oh ya to BPP's ? I would've said rad Also. What about bananas in a rearend that is squealing like a poor stuck pig in another post? Do they stop it from doing that rearend humm?
  7. Close but no cigar.

    Here's a hint: You can smell anti-freeze when you turn the heater on and every few miles you have to wipe off steam and anti-freeze off the inside windshield. AND I have to take the glove box out to fix it this weekend.

  8. Hmm, is it a busted heater core?
  9. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. yep!
  11. well..fuck me..i wish i would have known that around this time last year..i woulda had some heat in the jeep...

    actually a year ago yesterday i rolled the jeep...big boom...the jeep knew lots of beaver.

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