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For the Love of Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Burner0, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Call it a stoner cliche or just being passionate about herb, I was looking at a Bob Marley poster and it got me thinking about just HOW much we love our weed. We decorate our walls with it, post videos of bong rips, admire good pictures of someones fresh pickup, wear T-shirts telling everyone we smoke up. Show off our newest bong or pipe to or friends and invite people to come try it out, and its GREAT :D

    It also made be crack up thinking if the same was true for alcohol or other substances, like buying posters of some guy pounding a 40oz bottle passed out on the side of the street or some shit haha
  2. Well, I accept marijuana as a single aspect of my life.

    I don't exactly parade it around, or let it come close to defining who I am as a person. T-shirts etc etc just seem a little unnecessary to me.

    Just my own opinion, of course.
  3. Weed is something even greater than a hobby, its a way of life. I couldn't even begin to imagine what our very existence would be like without it. I miss it :(
  4. I don't show off that I smoke weed, seems like a silly thing to do.
  5. everyone i no knows ima the biggest pothead round . plus i roll on the metro at like 3pm and ppl always look at me like da fuck
  6. I don't show off about it. I just smoke it and that's about it :bongin:
  7. I dont show it off. I think to the general public, weed still has negative things attached to it. Wearing a shirt that tells everyone I smoke seems just a bit excessive to me. I dont have and dont think I ever will have a weed poster. I wanna decorate my walls with paintings and prints or art instead.

    I am more than a person that smokes weed, I dont see the need to flaunt my smoking.
  8. I dont go around with weed shirts telling everyone i smoke weed. Thats just about the stupidest thing you can do. Putting pictures up of nugs and people toking? seems a little to extreme for me. Seems like its a way of life to you, which it shouldnt be imo

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