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Discussion in 'General' started by Tinkerbell26, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Yeah yeah yeah boooo hisss boys lol but the ladies like it so this is for them

    Xmas makeup looks ladies. I know some of you are going to office xmas parties or family xmas parties,wanna look festive for the bar or club ect ect ect well here are some looks for ya. I swear if one of you boys says "thats too much makeup" imma scream lol.

    Girls dont wear makeup thinking about you. I also bet if you saw any of these girls in the video at the bar or club youd try to get their numbers dont lie.

    Anywho here we go ladies

    dramatic green look :

    [ame=""]YouTube - Dramatic Green Christmas Look- Defined Crease-CS 88 Palette[/ame]

    classy christmas look:

    [ame=""]YouTube - TUTORIAL: CLASSY XMAS EYES[/ame]

    gold and purple look :

    [ame=""]YouTube - ~*~Holiday Golds and Purples~*~[/ame]

    candy twist makeup

    [ame=""]YouTube - Candy Twist Christmas Look[/ame]

    geisha inspired christmas look ;

    [ame=""]YouTube - Geisha Inspired Christmas Look[/ame]

    Christmas green and gold :

    [ame=""]YouTube - Christmas Green and Gold makeup[/ame]


    Get over it boys LOL you want us gc girls to look pretty when we take pics for the clebage threads right?:D
  2. I totally support what you're doing. . .

    even if it really is Mary-Kay brainwashing

  3. if you wanna look like a christmas whore than here you go!!

    oh and all the links are broken
  4. I love the candy twist!!!!! :) Thanks for posting these.
  5. what do you have against make up? You dont mind looking at the women in playboy,hustler and online porn and they wear A LOT more makeup than these ladies are wearing.

    BTW i checked them they work for me

  6. LOL now cali how do you think the ladies that post in the clevage thread look so good :p
  7. No prob
  8. I like to think they are dreaming of me, which causes just about anybody to glow from within
  9. Now if I saw a lady wearing green and gold makeup, I'd be all over that.

    But then again, I would be assuming she was a Packer fan...

  10. Aren't the packers doing terrible this season??? My friend cries almost everyday.
  11. Yeah...


    We'll beat the piss outta da Bears on Monday night, though. Then I can rub it in my buddys faces.

    And I've got tickets to see the Lions go 0-16 for the season closer LOL.
  12. i like the green and gold one. and purple and gold.
    i think tomorrow or something if i'm not going out i'm going to experiment with these... haha. it's been so long since i just screwed around with experimenting with makeup.
  13. personally i think that some of the looks there arent too great, but the first one with the green and the candy one those r pretty hott. ;) love a girl with sexxy eyes nom nom nom

  14. LOL too bad shes married
  15. Too flamboyant for my taste.
  16. meh....whatever you're into.

    i'm 100% about the class.
  17. damn, if i convince myself to wear more than bronzer, chapstick and mascara at all sometime soon, i'll totally utilize this! thanks, tink! : )
  18. Tink I'm a guy and I totally condone these threads of yours. Nothng is more sexy than a girl with really dark eye liner and that other shadowy shit. I like what your doin here, keep it up.
  19. wow..although i generally dont like using too much eye shadow i clicked on the xmas classy look vid that looked more sipmle
    and it turns out its almost the same with what i do when i work and have o wear make up...(exept from the eyelashes..)
    the rest are nice as well...but not for me...
  20. not big on make up on girls I like the natural look, but that makeup didn't look bad at all

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