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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MysteryMoogle, Oct 29, 2002.

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  1. I was just watching a Sugar ray video and realized the lead singer is HOT! Come on girls, who makes your list of sexy men? (Nubbin need not apply :p)

    Here\'s mine:[​IMG]critter and BudHead are the best of coarse[​IMG] but out of the rest ???
    Michael Weatherly
    Heath Ledger
    Vin Diesel
    Seth Grene
    Mark McGrath
  2. Thanks for editing my post. I didn\'t ever mean to forget Critter and Bud Head. You can always spank me later. :D

  3. I love him too but I also have this wierd obsession with John Travolta!!!!!! LOL.........the use of marijuana makes most men seem a little more sexy!!!!!!! LOL.
  4. Thank you Mystery Moogle for that sweet comment you made including me and critter. I do know that critter may have had something to do with it though! LMAO

    Flowerchild !!!!!!!!!! What about MMEEEEEEEEEEEE?
  5. Oh yeah, I\'m with you on the Vin Diesel vote....hubba hubba!

    But of course I have to say my husband is the sexiest man walking....!
  6. LOLOLOL...yeah, I can see where you\'re coming from on that one.....

    will have to look at him a little closer next time he\'s layin down ;)

  7. Now Bud Head..........I didnt include you because you are so damn sexy that you put everyone else on the list to shame!!!!! LOL.

  8. Thank you my sweetness! I knew you were messing with me!

  9. You are so very welcome..........I can\'t believe that you would doubt that you were at the top of my list of sexiest men!!! LOL. The world just wouldnt be half as much fun wait, I just forgot what I was going to say. I know it had something to do with sex and more sex..........oh well, if I ever remember it, I\'ll edit this post!!!!!!! LOL.
  10. The world with out sex = dead. Sex is such a wonderfull gift! We should all enjoy it to the fullest!

    I know I would if I was in WV.
  11. Bud Head...........if you were in WV.........I would indeed show you true southern lovin\'!!!!!!! LOL. But you would have to stay for awhile because I would wear you out and you would be way too sore to walk!!!!! LOL. But I\'m a nurse so I\'d nurse you back to health because I wouldnt want to wear my sex slave out!!!!!!!! LOL

  12. whaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ... sniffle sniffle.... :((
  13. Flowerchild i trust you to do what you want. I know you can get me back up to speed quick for another round. Thing is I stay hard after I cum if it is good. I just get a little weak. I\'ll need some energisers!

    Mrs. D. Take matters into your on hands. Catch him laying down and go after it. Sometimes you need to be a little agressive to get what you need!

  14. I love that, I also love it when guys take a long time to get off. It makes for a sore morning but it\'s usually worth it ;)
  15. If I get a good blowjob I will usually go for about an hour before i let go again. Like I said before, I need some energisers to keep on going. I have gone for 2 hours.

    I used to piss the ex off bad. I\'d get a blowjob, and then screw for a loooong time afterwards. She said it took to damn long. I don\'t like quickies. Make time for it to be great for both parties!

  16. ahhh, a lady after my own heart. i too love John Travolta. every since Grease.

    wet dreams anyone?
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