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  1. [ame=]philly-wonder - YouTube[/ame]

    he was a kid with bright dreams, eatin
    up ice cream, woke up to new sights seen
    self esteem was pretty low, wearin shitty
    clothes, watchin rap videos on his tippy
    toes, pity grows little did he know
    they didn't think about the pain that he didn't show, no
    benefits, went to church but the only genesis
    he knew didn't work
    without a T.V., knee deep
    in a broken home, sat and wrote poems, hopin
    one day hip hop wouldn't encourage gun play
    never knew dopin fiends, a soft spoken
    teen, awoke from sleep with all these broken dreams
    heart of gold that turned cold and shattered
    old and battered a man that was supposed to matter
    he had it all, could've played more basketball
    but he passed life up as he laughed it off
    he had passion dogg, back involved
    with life, but now old problems involve his mite
    they say a therapist is so imparitive
    his days careless and his narratives aware of this
    his only downfall on this round ball
    was himself, he never believed in himself
    hes pleadin for help not knowin what to ask for
    his minds been cloudy, he's runnin out the back door
    why should he rap more? starin at a dashboard
    lookin at the wheel, thinkin he needs a crash course
    to make the pain go, but its the same old
    shit, if he changed flows will he blame those
    whips and chains with pits of flames
    Lookin back on his life like a picture framed
    they say he's so blessed, but he's ill
    that how he feels, lookin for a re-fill
    not of medication, but meditation
    he doesn't need better patience, just dedication
    he needs a break, mind so weak
    the rains getting in like his pancho leaks
    pronto he trys to cover up other stuff
    Yeah he's got his chin up from all the fuckin uppercuts
    he's been taken, he's been shaken
    bathed in the blood of sin he's been escapin
    stopped smokin, stopped laughin
    in and out of rap, he goes and gets back in
    old actions, new problems
    you got the answers? then you solve em
    I gave up, gave in and regretted
    the last eight years of my life in a second...
    i cant remember what bein alive felt like
    my heart was warm enough to melt ice
  2. this is nice

    work on your flow a little bit and your breaths

    tone of voice too
  3. Thanks for the feed
  4. yall gotta check ittt
  5. What the fuck sounded like drake in the beginning going uh uh. Man you sound pro I don't even think you gotta work on your flow or breathing seriously it sounds perfect to me
  6. that's the lasttt thing i wanna do is remind anyone of drake (maybe old drake) haha but thanks for the words man, it's really appreciated! :hello:

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