FOR THE GUYS: gf that smokes?

Discussion in 'General' started by satine420, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. So guys how important is it to have a girlfriend that smokes? What are your experiences with gfs that do smoke and then ones that havent?
  2. It's not mandetory, I would prefer it, I love being able to smoke with a lady and just hang out, it's awesome.

    My last girlfriend would smoke with me on occasion, I smoked more than her in the day-to-day smoking though.
  3. i've only had one gf that smoked and i couldn't be happier with the situation.

    if the girl didn't smoke she would have to at least accept the fact that i smoke.
  4. I'd prefer it. Somedays when I'm just really tired, don't feel like going out, my girl and I will just chill, blaze a bowl and watch a movie together.

    Or go on a walk, fishing, etc. Its awesome having a girl that'll blaze with you. :)
  5. i hear that
  6. It's a bonus. I can tolerate weed haters a lot better than some. It's not the end of the world if they're against something; but it makes me a tad frustrated because of the ignorance.
  7. Also, I'd rather have my girl toke a bowl when, "its that time of the month."
  8. amen.
  9. personally im into innocent girls that dont do drugs....

    but it dont matter i guess..
  10. My girl was innocent. Never tried any drug til I came alone. :devious:

    Now...she can rip a bong like no one's business! :D I love my girl. :smoking:
  11. damn that is cool
  12. my last gf would smoke with me, but to be honest it got kinda boring when both of us did it cuz it became this routine. It was fun at first, but it got kinda old over time.

    Now, I'd just prefer to be in a relationship where there was a bit more contrast between me and whoever I end up with next. This could mean that I would prefer whoever my next girlfriend ends up being to not smoke as much as I do, if at all. That's just cuz it would allow me to see the benefits of a relationship with less drug use instead of, well . . . more constant.

    This doesn't mean it's a must for me, or that I even care much if she would do drugs. But I'd just prefer that not everything we did together was done while high.
  13. Agreeeeeeed. I really would love to meet a chick that smoked, that would be soooo awesome. If she didnt she would have to atleast have to except it and not be stupid about it then i would be okay. Weird thing is my ex. started smoking the day we broke up. BAH!!! :)
  14. True, anything that repetitive will become a chore eventually.

    My girl tokes about once a week, and gets totally blitzed. I smoked everyday, and she could careless. Its a great mix. But, we don't do everything high together. So, it all balances out. :D
  15. lmao mine was the same way. Booze, weed, sex. She swore she would never do any of it. :D
  16. This next bowl's for the corruption of innocence. :bongin:
  17. My gf is awsome, she never used to smoke before me, but now she can roll a fat ass blunt just like me:) :D :smoking:
  18. The only 2 gf's i had hated the fact that i smoke. Prolly why it didn't work out..oh well just gotta find that ganja godess....*crosses fingers*

  19. yea i imagine that any girl who isnt down with something that your so into would really work out
  20. i hate relationships .......i love sex tho ....i ptolly went out with like only 5 chicks .... in my whole life but i cant rememba how many ive fucked lol:D:rolleyes::hello:.... but yeah i love stonner chicks

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