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  1. I grow in a green house. I useually have 6-8 plants growing at once in 3 levels. I use a small amount of topsoil, peatmoss, and amonia nitrate.

    With this type of growing I usually never run out. What would be the best way to grow less plants and have just as much bud with out completely changing my set up?

    Another question. My bud is usually somewhat harsh at times. Could this mean i'm using too much amonia,or just need to add something else?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. I would say to have less plants, and maintain yield,,Possibly change the style of growing,,no christmas trees ...such as removing top 1/3 of plant just at elongation stage,,,,then supporting branches to grow lateraly so that all possible light can hit remaining branches,and budding sites more evenly.

    Neverending buds does still reguire cycling stages,,a mother and clones can provide seemingly endless resources,,you decide when to clone,and how long to veg to coincide with the flower/harvest timing.

    Add fine dolomitic lime to your mix(always),,it will sweeten the medium,help maintain ph, as well as provide ca,and mg needed throughout grow.

    Add small amounts of hydrated lime if needed if plant is to far in the growing,,and flush ferts from plants 2 weeks prior to harvest with fresh water only.

    Peat has a tendency to hold and become toxic salts over time,,adding ammonium nitrates may be affecting ph fluctuations...maybe lighten up a little trying to keep ph at 6.5

    Hope this helps some


  3. If you grow it in shit, don't complain if it tastes shitty!!!!!!!!

    How are you curing it? Quick cure or a long drawn out cure? My curing process is only over when I run out.


    try flushing the soil with plain tap water for the final 2 to 3 weeks to give the babies enough time to rid the ferts from their system.
  4. LOL BPP It doesn't taste shitty. It tastes fairly good. It's just hard on the throat and lungs. If you take a big hit it feels like you just drank tobassco sauce ( if you know what i mean). Burns foir a while. I'll try just well water for the last three weeks before harvest on the next to be harvested.

    I grow in stages so that i have a harvest about evey 1 and a half to 2 months. Usually i have 4-6 plants growing and harvest at least half. Plat two or three then wait almost 2 months then plant two to three more. I usually never run out for the amount i use.

    I try to keep a close check on the ph. I keep it between 6.0 and 7.0. It is harder to control the tempature in the greenhouse though. Could that be causing a problem as well?
    I keep it no less than 65 degrees but it may get up to 80 degrees some days.

    What do ya think?
  5. No that temp variation should be fine ,,,just ventilate well to make sure any humid stagnent air can escape..


  6. Ventilation could be a factor. I open the doors only a couple hours a day. I have a vent in one end, but i don't open it up all the way.

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