For the first time in my life i have experienced happyness

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    It was 1am and i decided to go out for a midnight smoke after my mushroom dinner i had earlier then come back and play xbox or chill out and surf grass city. I took out my home made bong and my tin packed full with leaves, which were by the way pot leaves. (cannabis leaves) from two plants which turned male on me. This was surprisingly potent for leaves. I would say about 5 cone (bowl) of this stuff was about as potent as one cone of bud. You just have have to learn to take big fast hits with the bong to actually get high.

    I went outside and fed the dog, with my bong and weed. I went down to the back of the section of our house. about a 20f walk from my back door was a river about 25ft wide or so.

    I sat in my chair i had setup right infront of the river and started smoking. I smoked about 8 or 9 fully packed cones of the leaves in what seemed to last maybe 10 - 15 minutes. The whole time i was smoking i was paying attention to the stars above my head and the river in front of me.


    It was so peace full, i was feeling at one with the earth. I saw a shooting star and made a wish, i wished that 'there was no bad technology such as ipods, phones, lap tops, iphones, computers, tv's and washing machines. We need to lead our live and live of the land. We already work for our living so why work for somebody when you can work for yourself and grow your vegetables, raise your cattle, chickens and lambs went fishing every afternoon, washed your clothes in the river. It can be done. I wished everybody would stop hating and killing eachother, i wished people of all ethnicity's could come together and live together in peace. I also wished we could smoke our plant without prosecution and jail time. I wish everybody could just chill out'

    I made my wish and stared at the stars. I was so mellow, everything was perfect. The stars were glowing soft blue against the pitch black space. At that point when i had nothing but the clothes on my back, my bong and weed. It is all i really needed at that point. i layed down on the seat and stared up into space, considering what might be out there. This place is strange, dark and infinite but illuminated by billions of soft glowing stars. This place is vast and vibrant, dark and gloomy. It is everything but nothing, it existence is very questionable indeed. How was it created, who created it, who is the divine hand behind this masterpiece? Is it god? is he sending me a message?

    I think he is sending me a message. He wants me to teach people alternative life styles. Ones where we rely on each other and not money. how to live in peace and harmony. connecting with the earth and all those who inhibit it. All the humans, all the giraffes, toads and elephants, misquotes and bullfrogs. Every living organism that exists on the earth. All the plants, incests, animals and trees. Trees are very wise indeed. They have alot to teach us.

    I cannot even begin to describe my thoughts that are going so deep and intricate. its like one question leads to another. I have unlocked a new part of my brain. I know how to be happy. I have decided to sell my computer, xbox, tv and all my other junk and just live in a tent in my backyard. I will still go to work until i save up enough money to take a roadtrip. I will live out of my car and sleep in a tent sometimes. I will cruise slowly down the back country of the west coast and look for work and refuge. start from scratch and live my own life and help others and not be selfish.

    I really am serious i now feel like i have a mission in life. I used to feel depressed when i was younger because of how this world works. i felt so disconnected with people. I never went anywhere or did anything. I would try to avoid most human contact because i never connected with anyone. I would always put up this wall and not let anybody in.

    As i have gotten older and after seeking wisdom through smoking pot and connecting with the earth i have learned how to be happy and have healthy relationships with people. It is a time of healing and happyness. Yes this plant is cannabis

    I love all of you blades :hippie: Keep toking.
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    Even TheJourney and thabosshogg aren't touching this one. I think it's a winner. Sigged.

    Oh, I have to edit my post, because on a certain level which is almost guaranteed to be misinterpreted by people who don't immediately agree with the idea that posts like this should be ridiculed, I may look like an asshole, so I feel the need to make a certain clarification before I get attacked:

    I by no means am, or would ever, make light of many of the desirable mental states this fellow may be experiencing albeit in the context of clearly delusional beliefs. Having a mission in life is usually positive, a new found respect for nature surely is, feelings of peace, bliss, epiphany, and so on. These are all great, but the problem is they are experienced in the context of batshit insanity. I can already tell many people here see no problem with that, and that worries me, and people like me. As a matter of fact I can already hear people saying
    Well, if you put it that way, then you're a fucking moron. Im sorry. Anyway, there are those of us that care about reality and understand that our society's health has a direct relationship to how in touch with reality our electorate is. I love all of you blades, keep toking, unless it compromises your mental faculties.
  3. yea man i know what you mean, i like ipods phones and all the other stuff i listed but i feel like life would actually be better without them. I know it is to late now to rid the world of that technology. I just feel everything would be simpler. Instead of people worshiping their new iphone's or their 62" television, i wish they would worship the earth. Many people have lost their way.

    Last night i may have said i am going to sell everything, this is untrue although i am going to sell my xbox and tv and only keep what i need. I still am going to sleep in a tent in my backyard. I get paid on the 21st. Im looking forward to it
  4. Good luck with living in the wild.

    I hope you can do that for the longest time possible.
  5. Well...I'm glad your happy.

    However, there is no "right" path to happiness. Just keep that in mind, and BE happy :)

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