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for the best brownies??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. Should i just make the brownies with MJ or make butter and add it to the brownies??

    Which is the best???
  2. make butter & then make the brownies. from what i understand the THC won't get into your bloodstream when ingested unless it's added to something with fat in it. i don't remember (STML) the exact details but by making butter your brownies will be more stoney...

    just remember when you're cooking the butter to keep it from boiling point, which is when THC begins to deteriorate.

    happy baking :)
  3. How do you make the butter?

    Do you just add the MJ to heated butter? How do you make it?

    The only way I have used pot in baking, is by spreading it on top of the mix right before it was put into the oven. The tatse was a little strong but it worked great!!
  4. I heard from someone that you take the weed and put it in a skillet with butter and brown the butter dont burn it and the add the THC ladden butter to the brownie mix

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  5. don't brown the butter, that's the butter burning!

    what you do is take your butter, usually use 2 sticks in a recipe so i use 2 sticks plus an extra tablespoon or so to make up for the stuff that might evaporate/stick to the pan. you can make more butter if you want, but keep in mind the pot/butter ratio. i usually use 1/4 oz per 2 sticks but that's because i'm broke, i'd much rather use 1/2 oz.

    get a small pan, start melting the butter under medium/high heat... stir in the amount of weed you want to use. let the butter melt, stirring frequently. do not let the butter or pot burn! like i said before, THC starts to deteriorate at approx. boiling point so keep it just under a boil, or if you're paranoid like me, a little lower even still. you can usually cook this from 15-30 minutes, i usually do it approx 20 minutes and it turns out OK.

    during this process the THC is being extracted (more or less) from the plant matter and ending up in the butter. you can either sieve(sp?rightword?) the butter to get the leaves out, or leave the leaves in the butter, it's up to you. i find that by taking the leaves out the brownies don't taste as bad, but it's all a matter of preference.

    cool the butter in the fridge, and use in your recipe as directed.

    hope that helps!

    p.s. this is especially good in cookies, i haven't successfully made brownies myself yet that aren't too moist, so don't freak out if your brownies seem extra moist/heavy
  6. Ganja would you come and be my cook? I could use a cook these days!
  7. sure, i love to cook, especially baking. i can bake cookie-circles around Mrs. Fields any day! ;)

  8. LOL my kind of woman!!!!!
  9. that's funny, i have all kinds of butter but not enough ganja to cook with :D

  10. simmer the weed in the butter and strain it thru a coffee filter. It still tastes pretty green after you cook the brownies or cookies. It will give you a more overall body effect rather than the big hit high like smoking does, but the hifgh stays around and around and around.
  11. how many ppl would 1/2 O get high? J/like some regular weed... nothing special

  12. I didn't use a coffee filter to strain the butter. Didn't have any. What i used was a thin dish washing towel. I think it worked out rrather well. The brownies will take some getting used to. The taste was rather strong but the high lasted a loooong time. I thinkl eating may be better than smoking!

  13. Just Like told you. ;) I don't like the green taste, makes me feel pukey.
  14. I like ingesting pot because it does last a little longer, and that body high is like WOAH...
    but i have a harder time functioning after eating brownies/cookies than after smoking a few bowls...

    yeah the taste is pretty strong, but after awhile you get used to it & it starts to eventually taste good :D
  15. Yep you told me big brother. I will use a little less next time. The taste wasn't a bad taste just strong. Smelled the house up a little too!

    Ganja I used a regular brownie mix this time. I was told by a friend of mine said to use a devilsfood mix. She said it would over ride the pot taste more!
    It did give me more of a body high as well. Just a laid back didn't give a hoot if i moved or not!
  16. How much do you need to eat to get high? If theres a 1/4 oz or a 1/2 oz in it.
  17. I used a 1/4 oz in the ones i made. I ate 2 brownies and was feeling good. 20 minutes later i ate 2 more and then I was buzzed damn good. I'd say it lasted for 2-3 hours.
  18. you can make anything with your pot...
    Brownies are a good beginning. A brownie recipe calls for oil-so you can take your bud-or foliage from a recent crop..and boil it in oil-
    I have no idea what the saturation point is with oil and thc-but I've always added new herb after I strain out the old.
  19. THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am making brownies this weekend!!! I forgot all about the body high!!! I LOVE that feeling!!!!! Everybody's been on a brownie kick so consider me on the bandwagon. It would be better if Ganja would just come here and do it for me but I suppose I will have to do it myself. :::sigh:::

    Hey Ganja, have you done oatmeal cookies with it? Someone told me those and peanut butter ones turn out pretty good...a little green maybe, but more of a health food type cookie taste.
  20. nope i haven't made any oatmeal cookies w/ it, and i really SHOULD because oatmeal cookies are my 2nd favorite (after cinnamon sugar butter cookies *drool*)!!

    now i'm inspired, i think that's what we'll be baking this weekend, if we have time.

    i'd come over there in a instant if i could RMJL just to bake you a myriad of ganja goodies, you don't know how much i love to bake it's ridiculous.
    kinda like that cleaning thing, when i get stoned sometimes i just get the urge, bust out the kitchenaid mixer and all the ingredients, a couple hours later i can't believe i have a bunch of cookies sitting in front of me, wheee!
    happy baking brownie lovers~

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