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For Spinal and nerve pain

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by GCH, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. What is the best for spinal and nerve pain without feeling high? Either smoking, digesting and or rubbing.
  2. Indica strains. They give you a body high, instead of the mind high you get with sativa
  3. Vape it As well. Use the left over bud to make edibles
  4. Completely new to this. Honestly don't want a body stone either because would like to work.
  5. Honestly, completely new to this. Don't want a mind or body high, want pain relief so can still work.
  6. Well, it would be easier to function on indica than it is to function on sativa it is 2 different highs. Just watch your intake it doesn't take much for pain relief. You still want to feel it a little
  7. Sounds like you should ake edibles without decarboxylating.

    People 'decarb' by heating up the herb to convert the cannabinoids

    THCA becomes psychoactive THC

    Decarboxylating removes the A which stands for Acid

    If you don't do this process, you shouldn't get high.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge can correct me where i am wrong and give you better advice but thats something to consider.

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  8. Decarbing is basically vaping your weed. If you're worried about getting High there is pretty much no way to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana without getting high. You could try cbd oil.
  9. I've had great success with high CBD hemp and marijuana flower, I originally started with using CBD oil but found it was too weak and inconsistent for my needs.

    The high cbd hemp bud / flower can be purchased from multiple locations online (legally), and a simple google search for "high cbd hemp buds" will bring up multiple sellers. If you're up to it, seeds for varieties such as Fedora, Ferimon, and Pure ruderalis are also available. The pure ruderalis has the highest CBD content of any (hemp) strain I've seen so far, coming in at a range of 11%-20% of total cannabinoids.

    Strains like harlequin are also great for pain relief due to high cbd content, although your going to have a much harder time finding that online.

    Not true, as mentioned above; there are high cbd strains of both hemp and marijuana, which allow you to smoke / vape / make edibles with unprocessed flower.

    If you meant that you can't make use of the benefits of high THC cannabis without getting high, then yes; I would agree.
  10. actually the thca ( Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) form of thc varieties can be used raw with no psychactivity... when the thc compounds get heated/decarboxylated then they are neuronal agents that pass the blood brain barrier to signal @ the cb receptors... eventually after taking enough thca though the acidic molecules will find their way into the cb receptors somewhat over tme causing minor pshychoactivity...
  11. Yes, but is it still effective as medicine in that form? Would it be as effective, or more effective for chronic pain and other ailments as opposed to having been decarboxylated?
  12. IMO, both acidic raw forms and decarb thc have merit depending what people are after... for pain ease you want to activate the thc molecule to make it a neuronal agent that targets pain specific receptor sites efficiently/ easily etc... while in raw form any non activated cannabinoid molecule will act the same on human biology... raw form cannabinoids will act as anti-inflammatory agents which can help pain... you will need massive quantities in acidic form to have effect though and is why decarbed is easier and more manageable...

    so basically thc while in the raw acidic form thca will be very similar to how decarboxylated/ activated cbd will work -as an antagonist compound mostly antagonizing the cb-2 receptor... the thca will target cb-2 while thc will target cb-1 receptors
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  13. High cbd strains (indica) will still get you high.
  14. Try a good pain balm (topical creme) rub
    If you grow you can make one from the Fans, trim , and roots
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  15. There is so many ways to get the medicine in your body but if you are wanting no high at all, try juicing cannabis. Some people swear by this for their pain. If this doesn't work, try smoking a strain high in CBD. The weed shops here in Colorado don't sell any pure CBD. It's all got to have some THC in it. You can find really high CBD and low THC products. Try one of those. If that doesn't work, you can try a suppository. This could be a full cannabis extract (aka, RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, Phoenix Tears Oil) or a mix of full cannabis extract and coconut oil. Just about everything else will get you high. You can try medicating at night only and see if it helps your body during your work day. Good luck.
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  16. I would recommend a CBD oil or CBD dominant flower strain to help with pain and prevent yourself from getting stoned. Best of luck!
  17. Also, this is not necessarily a true statement. While most Indica's can be and typically are quite high in THC, there are CBD dominant strains that are very low in THC. Honestly though, the CBD oils and edibles such as gummies will typically have the lower THC content than flower.
  18. it is the amount of cbd that determines that ... too much cbd and there will be psycho activity
  19. i am looking at micro dosing. it stands to reason customize dosage to max without the unwanted highs.several people i know swear by it. im growing my own to try. its ridiculous the feds hold us hostage over a weed that you cant even eat enough to die from
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