For some reason, no one smokes in law school!

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. At this school after meeting quite a few people already, everybody and I mean EVERBODY here smoked before they came, in college, while they were working, whenever! But everyone told me they stopped just for law school. Honestly, why do people think they can't have self control, and continue to smoke without doing it all the time, and just maybe smoking when they are done with their studies? Although I originally came into here with the impression that I wouldn't be smoking, I think this was a weak move that assumed that I have no self control, which I know I do. I know that if I keep my priorities in order I can still do what it is I like to do, and be a sucessful law student. Yet no one else here has thought about that? It sucks because everyone seems to be depriving themself of something they love just based on the idea that it will ruin them in law school, which I don't think is true if you can exhibit self control. But on another note, I found it funny that EVERYONE i talked to used to be active smokers, and this is at a law school, not what you would expect really.
  2. I'm going for Physical Therapist Assistant and everyone here looks at me like i'm crazy when I say I smoke, but i'm the same way I can smoke handle my classes. It is hard sometimes though when I want to study and we have everyone over smoking
  3. yea me too. I told a bunch of people today when we were all talking about smoking, that i was gonna check out a local headshop this weekend, and one of them said "you are just getting a pipe? What are you gonna put in it haha". They were so suprised that I was gonna continue smoking while here, but honestly I know I can do it. I don't think there is any reason I should have to give up 1 thing i love, just to do another thing I love. Luckily lawyers do not get drug tested and it seems to be somewhat socially acceptable to do behind closed doors in the profession.
  4. EVERYONE smokes pot at my school. If you ever need a dime in a pinch, just walk up to someone and ask.
  5. it's a law school or college? In college everyone smokes, but I can't really say that I am too suprised that at law school no one does.
  6. damn dude i work at a law firm right now and am in the process of applying to law schools for next fall. i cant say i know any attorneys that blaze but who knows these days ya know? :smoking:
  7. I can't wait for the day that I can recommend weed to my patients
  8. im goin to be going to texas tech law school next year

    and I know a lawyer who blazes lol
  9. well being as my connect is a lawyer, i'd say it is fair to say that lawyers smoke. ;)
  10. my connect said when he went to yale or some other big school (i dont remember normally...its just smoke out talk...and he smokes out pretty good...2 giant hog leg joints...)....he said hed buy from one of his teachers...he never became a lawyer...but he could be...

    my moms last boyfriend was a stoned lawyer...however he reminded me of ted from scrubs...

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