For smoking dabs, nail or skillet?!

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  1. What is up GC,

    gotta question for you guys. When smoking hash wax, oil, bhoil, or any other concentrate. What is better to use. A dome apparatus with a metal skillet. Or is it better to use a apparatus with a nail?

    I have a dome apparatus already and i'm just wondering if the other set up is better.

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  2. It all depends on the person. I personally like the nail and dome set up more than a skillet, but that's just me.
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    It's all about personal preference. I love my HMK curve w/ Ti pad, but I honestly don't use it much over my Ti nail/dome.
  4. i like a simple quartz nail set up. skillets are cool to tho.
  5. So one set up provides no real significant advantage over the other? Its basically all about preference
  6. Cost may factor into it, HMK Curves are around $100 and they generally come with a Ti pad. A nice titanium nail, say from Highly Educated or a similar company, is going to run about $90 (for the latest version) and a dome could run anywhere from $15 to $600 USD. So the HMK curves come slightly cheaper. Other than that it's all personal preference.
  7. Highly Educated Domeless Nail is whats up yo
  8. Skillets look cool, but nails looks much easier to work with
  9. The only real disadvantage of one is that skillets make it possible to loose vapor if its windy at all. If you never dab outside then it really isnt an issue. But i prefer domes & nails to skillets.

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