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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mafia93, May 2, 2011.

  1. I'm curious to what people are really smoking. (since everyone obviously has different ideas of regs, mids, dank, ect)

    On a scale of 1 - 10, how good is this bud compared to what you usually smoke on?

    Just picked up an $50 eighth, took 3 snaps of it off my boys single perc bong and was roasted. Perfect way to come off my 8 day T-Break :smoke:

    Trying to get the best quality I can out of my phones cam... Didn't have any reading glasses handy...

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  2. You can't always tell from just looking how good the quality of bud is. I.e. one time, I got this bud that looked like complete schwag, but it turned out to be fire. But to answer your question, usually I get blitzed from one bowl pack of the weed I get. Wherever you wanna gauge that in comparison to yours...
  3. Yeah I realize that, just asking as far as looks I suppose.
  4. White lighter!! D:
    But ya, you can't really tell just be looking, but I'd say the bud I get LOOKS about that. I get pretty dank though, usually 15-20 a g. I live in Sacramento, CA and bud isn't too expensive here. So yeah, idk if that tells you how dank the bud I get is..
  5. i think it looks better than most $10 dollar clinic grams thats what i usually smoke i would probably pay $50 an eighth for that stuff^
  6. looks like some good.. i'll grab a zip of the good stuff like every couple months, usually just smoke high mids though, the difference is negligible, and the price is less than half..
  7. oh yeah, looks like 50 an eighth stuff for sure.

  8. lol I FUCKS WITH CURSES :wave:
  9. you should have made this a poll. it would have been easier to see the results

    aside from that though. those are nice looking nuggs. i usually have something comparable or better. so i would say yours is an 8-9 compared to the average of what i usually have. however, i have a big range, i dont always have super dank weed but its never bad by any means.

  10. Yeah, I was going to but decided whatever lol....

    And yeah, they smoke really nice too.:smoke:

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