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    I'm currently looking into shit about communes and off grid living, in hopes, yeah you guessed it, that I can start my own or join one...though I have my own vision. I found an old thread today that inspired me to open up the topic further.
    I think most of us can agree society is intensely fucked up, and shit is just getting worse with time. I could ramble on an insane amount here, but I'll spare ya, and conclude with: We need a fuckin' change, and quick. We are destroying ourselves and the planet, and our only chance at making something of ourselves- the human race is capable of things we can't even imagine.
    The next step is to see through the conditioning and manipulation those in power have forced on us for centuries, and seemingly, I am the only one who can't pay this game any longer. Be a good little consumer, and keep quiet. I guess I'm kind of ranting...sorry. Hahahahah
    "Anywho, I think that a commune that has a universal goal and philosophy of life that all strongly agrees with can thrive, and actually contribute to the evolution of man...which is the evolution of the mind.
    Aside from being self sufficient which is just as much a part of my fucking dream life, my main focus is trying to wake people up and give the powaa back to ze people. This is not a new idea.
    But it's something that could spark a new world. A new part of humanity we have yet to unlock."
    -posted in the other thread.
    I think that writing, music, art of any kind, film (I currently film and edit weddings for a living, let's make a documentary!!!!!!1!) is our best bet in speaking to people and exploring ourselves. Working together and growing in a free and real and supportive natural the perfect place to make world changing art, and ideas.
    Blahblahblahhh if any of this actually speaks to your core, and you can feelz it in ya bones, email me -
    I wake up everyday to the same dying world and tell myself "This is the day. This the fucking day I'll find how to take the first step to actually doing something with my life."
    ...maybe this is it?

  2. I feel you.
    I live in the Netherlands, a very small country filled with houses and apartmentbuildings, living off the grid isn't even possible over here, there's no 'off the grid' place!

    I'm selfemployed now, and taking a 4 week vacation very soon. With the intention to find a new place I like, where I can live life on my own terms.

    Probably heading towards the states, searching the internet now for off the grid locations in english speaking countries!

    Maybe I'll see you in the promised land!

    Send from my phone! :)
  3. Professor, can I trade you spots? I'm in the states and dislike it here, Netherlands sounds like a good place for me.
  4. I wish.
    What I really like is Amsterdam, but that's it. You don't have nature, mountains and big forrests and such.. that's what I want!
    Also, if you make 1euro, you pay 52cents on taxes. It's just not fun anymore!

    Why don't you like where you live?

    Send from my phone! :)
  5. Whahaha

    Send from my phone! :)
  6. We have mountains beaches and deserts but the people here are rude and unappreciative.

    I've been told people in Netherlands are much more humble and polite, but only heard it from my sister who travels a lot.
  7. You should look into "Woofing".

    You seem like a very intelligent person, I too dreamed of living off the grid, but It doesn't really help the fact that humanity is a useless being that only death will solve, sure we have the opportunity to extend our lives thousands and thousands of years (as a species), but greed will never allow that to happen, I guess I lost hope after years of pondering. 
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    Depends who you walk in to. This country got it's fair share of assholes too.

    I'd say come over for a few weeks, check out the country. You obviously speak english so you can find a job relatively easy if you decide to stay. The weather sucks by the way. Haha

    Send from my phone! :)
  9. there are alot of communes in the U.S I have always wanted to join one but life happened had kids got stuck in a ok job and also i smoke cigs and dont eat organic so I was always thinking they might not like that lol anyways I hope you find one before something ends up holding you back.

    I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather,not screaming in terror like his passengers
  10. Well I was told I could work in most countries that have sushi bars. So I would love to try a new country.
  11. Wanna find out if you're able to live "off grid?"

    Go out back, dig a hole, and shit in it.

    See how long it takes to get tired of that.
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    I don't agree.

    And let me ask anyone that does to explain why they think society is so "fucked up"?

    Because it's not.
    We're doing fairly well actually.
  13. Sounds like something you'd read off craigslist hahaha
  14. this does not speak to my core.
  15. Yeah I agree the way we live in modern society is completely against our nature.  But its either that or working hard as hell in a field just to eat.
    Hey! I'm actually subscribed to dat shit.
    If you make it to Cali, definitely come see me. :D
    I have, and good suggestion. I was actually planning a trip with the dude who was supposed to be my soulmate, four years we grew together and came to a place where both made a pact to leave this place, and travel on bike, stopping at different communes and farms along the way...long story short he bitched out, and it took its toll. Planning that shit solo is a waste of time, a girl can't travel alone in a world like this. Hence this post. Don't lose hope because there are people out there who feel deez feelz, man. We have to uniiiite!
    The only things that hold you back are what you let hold you back. That sentence reads funny, but forrealz. It's never too late to fuck the system in the best way possible :)
    I'll get right on that, sir. Pix or it didn't happen? Pics it is. :)))
    Do you has eyes? *instantly depressed*
    Then get the fuck outta here, debbie downer. Shit.
    Not if you have a group of people working together, my friend.
    i didn't wanna come back but you quoted me so i'm back. 

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