For real, some trippy a weed

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  1. To start off this is my first post here on grasscity. I've been smoking le pots for about a year. Anyways so I got a hookup with some "lemon haze" a few days back. This was not my first high grade weed, infact i almost always smoke good sour d or purple. So i had one thumbnail sized nug, and me and my friend rolled it into a joint, a small one at that. It crumbles really easy and i had a crystally powder ALL OVER my fingers after. I thought it was just danky dank. Anyways so we each smoke our 1/2 of the joint and go to subway. Im sitting down HIGH AF. I had a huge body high and had the spins. This is where it got bad. I had to sit with my head and body completely still or i would throw up everywhere. I was so dizzy! I also fell asleep 2 times and my friemd had to wake me up. I tried to eat a bite of a sub and when i swallowed i puked alittle. My vision started to warp, and when i looked at my phone the screen was bending. I am usually high for 1-2 hours pff of alot more weed, but i wass baked till 12 that night and i smoked at 2. Is this normal? My friend only took 1 hit, he said he was really high and dizzy but obviously not as bad off as i was. Whatcha guys think?
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