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  1. Some of you prob thought that there are only 3 known dimensions in space time those being; the ability to move forward/backwards, left/right, and up/down. But there is actually a 4th dimension that we don't necessarily live in but it is interwoven with our 3d world. The 4th dimension is time itself aka duration. I found this vid that explains it all... Sit back, toke and enjoy :smoking:

    [ame=""]Watch How To Imagine The Tenth Dimension Video |[/ame]

    just utube how to imagine 10 th dimension if that doesn't work
  2. That is a very cool video. Im savin that thank you dude.
  3. glad you liked it, now it all makes sense :D
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    The fourth dimension in this space was sometimes interpreted as time, but this is no longer done in modern physics.

    The universe that we live in has only three spatial dimensions. We are limited to length, width, and height, and we can only travel along three perpendicular paths. While people generally call time the 4th dimension in the universe we live in this is just not true. There are 4 spacial elements and one time. With time falling into the 5th dimension.

    I very simple search could have prevented this disaster, but it is a thread for people who don't understand.
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    How's this for boggling your mind? If light is shown on a 3 dimension object, a 2 dimensional shadow is formed. If light is shown on a 4 dimensional object, a 3 dimensional shadow is formed.

    4D is hard to comprehend with a 3D mind.

    Also, as 3D beings, when we look at something we see it 2D. If a 4D being looked at something, they'd see in 3D. Meaning they would see all sides of a cube, and what was inside of it. If we look at one side of a cube, we see a square.
  6. It doesn;t matter to me, but I'm still working on 4D where the 4th dimension is spacial. I understand that the 5th dimention is time. I know the 3D's are height, width, and length. I thought I read volume somewhere, but I was more focused on the 5D being time that I only scanned the 4D info. Where more and more matter can fit into a smaller and smaller area. I see time as being more important than understanding the 4th dimention.
  7. Driveone do you have any links about the 5th dimension being time? I can't seem to find any. I thought 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D were all spacial dimensions?
  8. gonna pick a few details real quick lol

    time isnt the fourth dimension because currently it is not a vector, meaning it only moves in one direction, or perhaps with no direction even (direction could imply an ability to change in this case). any "time travel" we can experience, currently, is derived from dilation or simply manipulating the laws of spacetime to change the rate of times passage relative to a subject

    the other thing, was what agalloch said about 4d to 3d etc...shadows are derivatives (losing a dimension) of the projected light, more or less. Your explanation is simpler though lmao
  9. I can give you wikipedia. Just search 4th dimension.

    The other link didn't show up as purple, so I can't tell you shat I searched to find that page. It was a page that was something like XXX vs. Einstiens Theory of Relativity that is allegedly going on in the scientific community.

    I'll try to remember tracking it down, I was about to search for something else. Something about the hottest 3 months on record. I may have stumble on that here, but with NASA involved it may have been a news link. If it was something from here, I'm sure I was going to argue that it's not a clue of the old global warming, but a result of solar cycle 24.

    I was interested in reading what ever it was...
  10. The page where I got my info was from a Univercity. I want to say Duke. If you think about it, it's a moot thread and I am definately no expert, but putting food on the table is more important that wondering about the 4th or 5th dimension. I can also think on many more important things I'd rather do thatn debate this topic.

    Golfing comes to mind.
  11. Euclidean planes are still used in quantum models.

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