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  1. Im pretty sure i have ADD because i have a lot of the symptoms.
    My mom doesnt believe in medication but i convinced her to get me a perscription if the doctor writes me up one.
    How can i pass the ADD/ADHD test that the doctor is going to give me.
    I want to get a perscription.
    Not only would it benefit for my job and school work(finals) but i love speed.
    So im going this wednesday, from past experience what does the doctor ask me and how does he test.
    What can i do to make myself come up posotive for ADD/ADHD?:hello:

  2. no

    if u want it to get high, even as a secondary thing

    then i'm against u getting a scrip

    smoke weed for 6 years every day, it helped me
  3. i cant smoke weed regulary
    I live in a bording school and get drug tested
    i havnt smoked in 6 months!

    And yes i do love speed but i doubt i would get adderal or Ritalin?
  4. I have adhd, and so do so many other people. If you're getting it to get high, its a problem. Shit like that makes it harder for people like me who actually need it, to get it.
  5. i want it for these reasons.
    1. School work
    2. Helps me control arguements with my parents when im home
    3. helps me get regular stuff done
    4. makes me feel good
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    You straight up said you loved speed, so that to me says you got some distracting intentions from its intended purpose. If you're worried about not getting a prescription, it would be because you dont have adhd. If you do, you will get one. Just you asking how to get one tells me you dont really have adhd.
    You pass it by having add/adhd
  7. calm down...
    By your words it seems like your on a rage.
    Yes i love speed and i do beleive i have add but, i want to be 100% sure i get the script.
  8. You'll get it if you need it :p
    And if you dont really need it, you should not get it. Understand?

  9. THAT'S what i have a problem with

    if u need it u'll get it

    if not u gunna have to do tweek like everyone else
  10. qft :)
    glad some1's on ma side xD
  11. Wait wait wait....this thread implies that it's HARD to get a ADD or ADHD Doctors practically HAND them out to any kid who doesn't wanna sit still.

    Bob your leg the whole time and they'll probably give you anything.
  12. Don't listen to these bad influences, telling you to do tweak. If it's between tweak and adderall adderall is way safer and cleaner I'd rather you doing that.

    Here's what I did(because I actually have it)
    1.went to doctor
    2. did poorly on their tests
    3. told them I can't control my focusing for long periods of time
    4. was prescribed ritalin and told them it did nothing for me
    5. was given adderal(amphetamine salts)
  13. i dunno the first thing my docs always put me on for add is a non stimulant strattera.
  14. yea i need to avoid getting strattera but i hear its like coke if you crush u the beads but i actually need this partially as its purpose
  15. staterra sucks. If it works for you great but what you want is adderall or dexadrine.
  16. what i need is desoxyl which is strait up meth
  17. No stratterra has no recreational value, ziltch.
    Its not like coke, its not even a stimulant.
  18. What is it then?
    Is it just a pill with no chemicals that they give to kids so they "think" they are working better.
    Because about a year ago a friend of mine had 15mg focalin and 40mg strattera perscribed for him everyday. I liked the focalin but when i took the stratter one day i did not feel anything.
  19. Do y'all need ecstacy even thouge some couples claim it's saved their marriage? Chill out and stop judging the dude.

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