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For people who've gone to/gotten into university

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazedGlory, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Do they look at your grade 11 marks? because i got shitty marks in Grade 11 but doing good in Grade 12 since i realized I need to hit the books to go to Uni, but I'm afraid my grade 11's gonna hold me back.

    So do they really give a shit about Grade 11 or do they just look at your Grade 12 marks?
  2. You canadian? our colleges will look at 11 and 12 marks.. but uni's look at only 12.
  3. In the States, universities generally look at your grades from your entire high school career, since you should be applying in September or October of your senior year. Obviously if you're applying after high school, when all your grades are already figured out, they will look at your GPA and go from there.

  4. yeah man im canadian, and the one thing im worried about is they will look at my grade 11 marks since ill be applying in my senior year.
  5. in the USA 11th grade is one of the most important years.

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