for one hundred dollars...whatever that is.

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  1. Whomsoever tells me what has caused this, shall recieve in the form of fresh air, the equivilent of 100 other words; you get nothing, but I would appreciate your suggestions....
  2. What is the question???
  3. This is the nice thing about this board. all I have to say is that I was high...wehter its true or not :) but its probably, most likely it is true... So here is the question...completed.

    what is the cause of the photo below...and no Im not asking the dynamics of how cameras work...

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  4. lmao. sry i have no help for yeah..but you got it right. this is the right place my kind friend. lol..hugs to all. :D

  5. LMAO this made me laugh...thanks critter

  6. what kind of lighting are u using
  7. fert or heat burn
  8. Well, I am using two 40 w cw I do not think it is heat burn..... and it started before I fert. it, and it was done 2 weeks ago...(the plant is much bigger by now, I will upload a new pic tomorrow, that was from old posts with the same quetion, and I couldnt get an answer...I used peters professional 20-20-20 only twice now, once and than the second time a week later... anyway, perhaps some new suggestions? the heat in the room is about 70 - 75 and a fan is on them most of the time.....

    my first 7 leaved set appeared today...sweet mon

    ave atque vale.
  9. youll be fine, the new growth looks healthy. If its not a fert burn, I have no idea. R u using preferted soil? Make sure u go REAL light with peter's, esp considering the size of your plant. I would go 1/4 of the recommended dosage
  10. Ok, Ill go easy with it....also on the tip of one leaf there is some yellowing going on more of a yellow brown but not limp it is dryed out though...but only the tip, what could this be... by this picture perhaps one could tell me if it is alright to top it yet (its about 6 1/2 inches...yes yes I know, its funny...over a month old and its only 6 inches tall...I only have 2 40 w CW bulbs I will upgrade after this harvest. see? if nothing else, im confident.)....which still is not sinking into my head...I dont get this node business, and I have not been able to find a botany guide online anywhere, and really do not want to order a marijuana botany book....for obvious reasons... I do not have much space, I want them to finish at 2 feet 2 1/2 max.
    so this is why I'm thinking about topping also, besides gaining experience... by looking at the picture does this appear to be starting its flowering stae? what are those leaves called at the base of the stems (isnt there a name for this too? petiol or something? whata I know..)? and does thier presence indicate the start of the flowering stage? also, I did a ph test....ok it was a VERY CHEAP ph test...Im not going to go into detail on just how CHEAP this CHEAP test really was... hope you get the point...but it indicated in all its CHEAP PRIDE that I was low on N P and K and that my soil was too alkaline...I dont see this as possible...but then again, I couldnt tell you why I tink this... It was a 2 soil to 1 perlite mix in a five gallon bucket, nice and airy, it holds water well... so I dont know...

    anyway, I havent tested since adding the peters, so I am not sure of its content at the moment... How do you suggest testing? and how should I lower the alkalinity? for an already potted plant.

    there is a picture...I will upload a few more in a bit.

    but yea, perhaps another attempt at explaining the topping info? I have not been able to understand the explinations in and around this site, overgrow included...thanks again...

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