for once in a long time, my life is going ok.

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  1. this isn't a brag thread.. just kind of a.... ahhhh.. finally... type thread...

    i just landed a badass job, for a book company, i'm not gonna divulge the name (you never know, there's people out here who are crazy) but lets just say there a very big book company, there closest competitor is Barnes and Nobles...

    i actually love my job, i get to help people, the company treats it's employees very well, 401k, payed vacations, etc...

    My grow is going nicely, mid October i should be able to smoke some stuff i grew, all by myself, that right there, feels nice.

    love life is a nill.... no girls in my life (steadily, but i'd like one) but i've been working out hardcore, playing basketball almost every day, got the bod looking nice... noticed girls heads turning everywhere now...

    my friends are great, finally found a few who are intelligent, driven, and totally cool people, willing to lend a helping hand to anyone they can, just like me...

    anyway :)

    i'm just kinda "venting" or putting this all in words... organizing my thoughts...

    my relationship with my kids is great (even though they live with there mother) they LOVE coming to my house, i spoil them rotten :)
  2. Congrats man, thats great to hear. Icing on the top is the crop!!

    keep on keepin on my man

  3. Thank You sir. ::wave::smoking:
  4. usually right when my life seems to be going great, some crazy shit happens and fucks it right back up. like last month, i won $200 on a scratch card, and then an hour later i got mugged and stabbed twice in the abdomen area. this shit happens constantly.

  5. :( that sucks..

    i dont know, i really, really, hope i can keep this going well...

    i'm busting my ass at work so that i can keep a good reputation with my superiors, man, i just really hope everything keeps going like this.. i'm willing to do my part, i just hope unforseen stuff doesnt happen :/

    for some backstory... i've fucked up alot in my past... i had a hardcore addiction to painkillers, actually overdosed.... scared me really bad.. made me realize i needed to change some stuff around badly in this life.. so i did.. i quit that shit.. i lost my wife over it (the addiction) but i beat it.

    i learned from those mistakes... sucks my whole life got ripped apart, and i never saw that coming.. but at least we're on ok grounds, and she lets me get my kids every week, without problem... (it's been 2 years since we split)

    and though i lost my first love, only one i really ever loved... i still have my kids, and they love me.... and now other stuff is going better, now maybe i can get caught up on child support (i've fallen behind, moneys been scarce)

    maybe i can keep this up, maybe i can do something with my life.
  6. good luck bro. just gotta get on karmas good side i guess.

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