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Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by botanist77, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Man wtf, I had a interview at this electronic store and i passed it.

    Then they gave me a form to take a drug test (Substance abuse panel with nitrates)

    I bought that piece of shit Quick fix synthetic urine 4.0 at a pipeship.

    I taped that shit to my balls and poured it in the cup.

    The temperature was fine and then the guy shiped it to the testing lab.

    The manager said they would call me on friday after the results of the drug test and background check


    (my freind works there and when he got the job along time ago he took the drug test on monday (he used his hb's piss) and they called him on friday

    Does anyone know if they will put that on my record now that i faked a drug test??
    (i thought that if i faked it they would of called me and told me or filed a lawsuit or something on me because the company wasted money and time on a drug test.
  2. uh.. no. nobody is going to file a lawsuit over a $50 drug test. settle down. be patient. there is no "permanent record". you arent on file with the fbi. calm down. you are fine.
  3. word. relax man, youll get a call sooner or later.
  4. i was suppose to work at best buy, but i failed the drug test part...even after a detox drink. All that happened was i got a call from the lab and some lady was like a doctor would like to speak to u about ur results. The doctor just asked me how much i smoke and then if its prescribed. i said no its not prescribed then the doctor said i cant help u and hung up. so relax kid. dont worry
  5. Relax dude im sure they wont file a lawsuit, it's really not worth the time or money over a little fake piss. I passed mine with quick fix for circuit shitty lol they sent it off to a lab to test it so it took em a few days to get back to me.
  6. It's not against the law to fail a piss test dude...lol.
  7. im pretty sure they'd let you know that you did not pass so....
  8. Unless you're on probation :).
  9. Hahahaha, you're not in any legal trouble... you're not the only one to fail a job drug test.
  10. sucks man...

    u should have used gonumber1, i used it, got a job at a electronic store..

    then they fired me for having "FUCK" in an email :(
  11. dude i bet they just havent got the results in yet. ive used quickfix for like 4 tests and its passed for me every time..
  12. If its sent to lab cant they tell if it is synthetic urine?
  13. don't sweat it. If it's fishy, sometimes they'll have you take a follow-up test. A lot of times, they don't test it at all.
  14. no call yet, oh yea my quick fix didnt smell like pee. just smelled like nothing.

    i dont know if quick fix is suposed to smell like pee.
  15. My husband user ultrakleen synthetic and passed a gas chrom(....dont know to spell the rest of that) test for a bank. We figured that since the synthetic urine would dilute it, he used a SMALL bit of his own urine with the synthetic. They say some labs with shake it and that mens urine should foam and also if they made a huge deal about it, there would be DNA in the urine and we could fight it. Plus you get a nice urine aroma for your sample :) I have heard people say they have passed with a detox drink but everyplace that does a study on them cant seem to find any that actually work.
  16. okay i called the place and talked to the person who said they would tell me if i was approved from the test results and background check.

    I called them yesterday and they told me sometimes it takes a little bit of more time .

    I did and then the lady asked for my phone number and she told me she would call me in a hour to tell me.

    she didnt call me back, So im guessing no call means No job. (but shuoldnt they tell me i failed the test or somthing?)

    im just going to call the lab and hopefully they will give me my results

    I have been waiting for 5 days

    for now FUK QUICK FIX!!! (dont buy it at your pipeshop)
  17. You seriously need to light a B and chill... Businesses are busy. Give it some time. Don't worry until you have something to worry about. They said they would tell you if you failed, they will tell you!
  18. chill ur all good
    iv done that a few times nothing has happened, other then me not getting the job
  19. That's actually a damn good idea...mixing a little of your own with it...Thanks for the advice!

  20. You need to relax.

    I'm sure whatever business you're applying for has much more on their plate so I severely doubt they are going to bust their ass to send a piss test through ASAP. It's been 5 days and all the jobs I've applied for took about a week to get me processed.

    Christ! Go take a xanax or something.

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