for my stoners in wisconsin

Discussion in 'General' started by YouSuckDude, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I was going to go to school in Madison. Drove out there last summer and thought it was the most badass city I've been to. That one road that has the city hall or whatever at the end of it was sweet as fuck.

  2. yeah dude madison is the shit man...theres more in wisconsin than just great cheese!
  3. Madison is on the wrong side of the state.
  4. Too bad I have no car. :( I'm on the east border or WI. Lake MI is 5 mins away from my house :D. But damn this town is filled with strong conservatives :(. Guess what that means? VERY tough MJ laws. .01 grams can land you 6 months in jail. WTF is this bullshit?
  5. I like Madison, but damn there are to many homeless people there. I met one dude who chills on state street almost every night. He gets arresed for loitering cuz he is always fuckin with people. I talked to him for about an hour. haha. wish i had bud that day i woulda smoked him up.
  6. awesome. i know i'll be going :smoke:
  7. lmao state street homeless people..... i have stories about them. One time I was strung out on shrooms around 11 pm, we decided to head to Q doba the Mongolian grill. As I'm leaving a man approaches me asking if i smoke buds, he looked so trustworthy so i replied yes, he tells me he has a quad in his pocket. Yet I later see the same man sleeping on the street with a panhandling bucket.

    I was buggin, dude looked crazy and the shrooms didn't help. It was a crazy way to meet someone weird.
  8. If I can get the money to go to this, I'll be there. I live way up north though. So that is like a 5 hour drive if not a little more.

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