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  1. Nice Dog

  2. My wife's cousin has an albino boxer that looks a lot like lucky. That dog is a bundle of kinetic energy. He just kinda vibrates. He used to drag the girls around the house by their ponytails. They loved it! Is he boxer or a pit mix? Or is he just my favorite kind, the MUTT!?
  3. um were thinking his daddy was a dalmation? we dont know wtf he is...but look at those lips *ssmmmoooch* he's the laziest little fuker ive ever seen. we keep a close eye on him ya know sterotypes and all...dalmations being's super good with the baby and loves me....oh and now imagine that big freak tearin round 37 campsites....that was soooooo funny.
    p.s that pup is always on my side of a fight :)
    one more for ya come on laura ingals?
  4. OMG!!!! You picked the right name in "Lucky" for him. As in the phrase "He's lucky somebody wanted to keep this dog"

    He's real "cute" and I'm glad you've got him.
  5. I just now looked at the last pic and am sitting here scratching my head and wondering who this beauty queen is? I always imagined Laura Ingalls wearing pigtails and a gingham dress, living on the praire?

    But, matched up with the picture of the dog, I can see we are looking at the true life Beauty and the Beast.
  6. hey pops, i actually just smiled for the first time in two days....:) your soo full of it...:)
    an quit makin fun of my
    *i have mentioned he's afraid of the dark, cats and the noise a chair makes when scraped against a wood floor.
  7. Full of what? The truth or hotair or both. I just call 'em like I see 'em there Beauty Queen.

    I'm not making fun of your dogs' looks. I believe the good Lord did that when he created him. Who am I to criticize the Lord's sense of humor.

    You want to see what my dogs (and Budheads dogs as well) look like just go to Scroll down to the gallery and take a gander at them beautiful dogs.
  8. my husband has an elkhound....but i think its ugly :)
    all pointy eared ,curly tail and all, hehe
    peace an hugs
  9. Well, Highawatha, I think your pooch is pretty damn cute myself ... I love dogs, and don't really care what they look like. Well ... those little rat bastard miniature & toy breeds can get annoying. I want a bulldog and a Bassett hound, personally.

    Little indian dude is a chick?! Heh. :p :rolleyes: ;) Right on. Highawatha is real purdy. :)

  10. One of my favorite lines from back in the "morning after" days.;)

    I think my one word description of you was BABE. El Poppa de Big Puffo was the one being so liberal with descriptive phrases. Bald headed Kyle Petty? I'm still trying to summon the image. See Pops? Ya ain't the only one that remembers thangs!

    BTW, the BABE thing still stands.;)

    Not as good at kissing up as BudHead, but effective don't ya think?
  11. somebody does get extracredit for callin me a babe quite a while ago....Very effective
    and....i recall somebody callin my baby a beast....
    and.... wolfie you can still think of me as a little indian dude, if youd like ;)
    anyhow thats me...or a chick i downloaded ssomewherem. and thats lucky my parvo puppy :) at 9 months....
  12. I think he's adorable. I'm a dog person, and he looks like my kind of dog. Actually, he's what I call a DAWG (which is a good thing).

    Speaking of dogs, I just spent an hour with a Golden Retriever sitting in my lap. Le Princesse suffers from thunderstorm anxiety. She needs the reassurance. I just wish she wouldn't stand on my testicles.

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