For muslims, Happy ramadan!!

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    happy ramadan you know no booze,sex and breakfast for a month :)
  2. sounds fun
  3. Can you masterbate?:confused_2:
  4. haha yeah masturbate so what lol i always think of it like a rehab or someshit you know you can smoke dope but you cant drink and can only start eating from say 5pm till the sun rise
  5. i thought true muslims didnt drink period, allah says its bad, dont tell me the muslims are gettin like christians now, u act like you follow a religion but you dont act on any of its rules, you just believe in the god n thats it
  6. lets not go there.
  7. as long as you can masturbate and smoke weed, then who cares?
  8. im actually muslim and tommrows the first day of ramadan its more like a month of self reflection and meditation its pretty intersteing and you learn alot about your self...many gurus fasted for days with out food or water in ramadan we only have to fast till the sun goes down then u can eat but like it teachs you alot about your self when your starving you cant eat or drink.
  9. Wow. Not being a fundamentalist doesn't mean you don't follow a religion. Stupid statement.

    Happy Ramadan.
  10. Happy Ramadan Everyone.
  11. omg this capn crunch is sooo good
  12. asshole im fasting now hahah just fuckin bro


    its forbidden to drink :) i know that and i Drink
    im religious and pray evryday something im proud off so i dont need you to come over here and teach me a lesson.

    and yeah People drink its not a muslim or christian or a jewish thing so keep the religioun out of it i dont want any one to get offended by your statements
  13. Ramadan Mubarak, it wasnt too bad the only thing that gets me is not drinking water but I'm lovin it :)
  14. rap phenomenon.... soon as the album drop, artist's don't eat like the month of ramadan
  15. Happy Ramadan, to all on GC who are practicing Muslims!

    I'm not a Muslin, myself, therefore I don't participate in Ramadan (even if I were fasting this month, really) but I have the utmost respect for those who do and wish you all a terrific month!

  16. Durchii always shows repsect ++rep
  17. Likewise. A little more multi-cultural respect in this world and we might all start to get along. ;)
  18. Hi guys, i am a muslim too and i fast but the thing is its driving me krazy. I am 5 10 and only weigh 110 and im getting super skinny from not eating. Are we allowed to smoke while fasting?

    Also i am getting some weed today so hopefully it will help me at night when we break our fast to help me eat like crazy.
  19. haha your not allowed to smoke or even get any second hand smoke while fasting,

    you only fast from the sunrise till the sunset it won't effect your weight that much,it will cause breakfast is important once you are awake.
    just eat a shit load and drink liquids before you sleep.
  20. yes I think so.

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