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? for MMJ Patients

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DaddyBlazeAlot, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. I am 23 currently on disability for a few very legitimate issues my goal is to hopefully be able to get some kind of college education and get off disability and move to a more mmj friendly state working in a field that is suitable for what i have on my plate medically my ? is if my issues bar me from that what to do stay on disability my whole life living @ home because any other option just isn't viable my ? is for those who aren't able to make income in any fashion other than disability how do you survive on your own with co pays housing food etc i just don't see how its possible to live especially considering some like myself only receive around 900 a month from disability im asking mmj patients because i know i qualify and its just a matter of moving when and if i can accomplish above said goal. Please feel free to pm me.
  2. well is it possible to also collect unemployment? sue your workplace for your injuries and damages? idk much about the laws and shit. i thought this was going to be a more MJ related MMJ question.
  3. i only posted it here because i was aiming at mmj users not recreational
  4. i understand. i just meant i dont really know how to help. i would have been more help if the question was about pot. haha
  5. I see your a patient in cali is it really all its hyped up to be or better?
  6. i don't really know how it would be for someone not from cali to move here and experience it. i grew up here and i always had access to medical grade danks from the first day i started smoking. no one around me sells mids or brick or schwagg ive never even seen it.

    i have my card because im an epilleptic. and mj has been proven to help prevent having a tonic-clonic all out seizure. but also it gently (and awesomely) calms the extra electrical synapses firing in my left temporal lobe that cause the seizure activity. this is good because that extra activity effects my sleep pattern which can really fuck up my life. having a good sleep pattern is essential.

    basically i use weed to balance me out medically. and also for recreation. and the weed in the clubs is definitely killer.

    but to me its nothing too crazy having a card. im just now vindicated in a way.
  7. the medical marijuana system here is pretty underground. i mean dispensaries arent next to grocery stores and there arent billboards about it. but its easy as fuck to get "in the know" and the dispensaries are everywhere. there are magazines about which dispensaries have crazy medicines and stuff. its pretty cool. im not sure its the magical promised land people make it out to be though.

    i mean cops here are everywhere and theyre dicks. im protected somewhat of course. but you still have to be careful and private about medicating (smoking whatever). people out here arent smoking in public or in front of cops really just because they have cards. its not supposed to be that way. idk if thats what you were referring to though
  8. Def. doesnt sound like all the hype that you see on tv the media makes it sound like cali is like sodom n gomora and people are blazing everywhere and having sex in the street. Im sorry to hear you have epilepsy im also one of the lucky ones (sarcastic) so within the next year or so i hope to be living in oregon despite the economy (its just about as bad in bum fuck florida im so sick of the ass backwards south) and as far as the weather ill adjust i had to deal with it living in new england just not on a grander scale but anyway man keep your head up and feel free to keep in touch as i am a noob.
  9. you have a seizure disorder also?
  10. yeah i had a head injury in 97 and have had them ever since i dont respond well to meds they've dropped in frequency quite a bit since they put a vagul nerve stimulator
  11. I really don't understand what you are asking. I'm not disabled... but I am a mmj patient living on about $900/month at the moment. Rephrase your question?
  12. I'm not sure by you but near me there are advertisements everywhere. Billboards, TV, Magazines. Not that its a great thing as I don't bother with those places. As you said its pretty easy to get "in the know" about things and really to find legit collectives and what not. Also around me people smoke everywhere. You walk on the streets by the beach and it always smells like people are medicating. :smoke:But, alot of cops are dicks so its best not to rub anything in their face. I;m originally from the east coast and things are much more chill out here about marijuana for sure.
  13. do you go to college?

    billboards really? and tv ads? on what networks? and what places are you saying you dont bother with, and why dont you bother with them?
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    Billboards yes, more so get your card signs but i have seen LA dispensaries use billboards near LA. TV ads, shows etc on a few stations but check outCannabis Planet, medical marijuana, medicinal marijuana, medical use of marijuana on a few stations.

    When I got my card at first I went to all the places I saw being advertised alot. Those places never became my daily or regular dispensary/collective. Although, some places had pretty good concentrates/flowers. But, the better places i always found by word of mouth. I dont bother with anywhere really anymore because I work at a collective now.

  15. dude dont paint this guy a false picture. ive never even heard of cannabis planet, ive never once seen an mmj commercial, of course there are shows about pot in general but most of those are nationwide... and there may be a fewwww billboards but thats not really the point i was trying to make. mmj is pretty underground. and those billboards are like the in-n-out birger ones that say "exit 10th ave, 1 mile down on right" or whatever. its hard to find dispensaries unless you do your research or live in that area and see their discreet signage everyday.

    im sure the collective you work at wouldnt put up a billboard because thats like saying "dea, come raid me". and its gonna bring in a ton of kooks, cops trying to see if they can get in without the proper paperwork, etc. idk. i dont see mmj advertised on a very high level whatsoever.

    and my dad owns an advertising firm thats kinda why ive put thought into it
  16. Sorry YOU don't know about cannabis planet. Alot of people around my area and LA know about that show. There are other MMJ shows out there also. Once again some places are advertised and some are not. Some do have big signs and not every place is hard to find. Your not near LA correct? this is where I see the most advertising. When i first moved out west from the east coast, my girlfriend and I were amazed with how laid back it was with bud and always loved how it was advertised so openly. Now that i have been out here for a while I don't pay attention to it. Maybe that's why you don't see as much advertising or maybe cause your not near LA.
  17. i'm not near LA no. i'm in san diego. but ive been to quite a few dispensaries in LA. about 20. and ive been to LA countless times. ive never seen one mmj billboard. and would you mind answering my question? what network do you find cannabis planet on?
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    Generally KJLA sundays at 10 pm. Its on saturdays at 10 also... click the link I posted the show it in San diego also. There show does get alot of viewers, I was looking at their numbers one day at work. (possible advertising)

    EDIT: A random youtube video from their show.
  19. okay so ONE tv show. and i bet the only mmj ads you see on tv are during this show. so unless you seek out this show, you arent seeing mmj on tv. so this type of programming isnt generally the case. but props for finding the single exemption to my statement
  20. Actually there are various other tv ads/programs in different parts of California. Do some research brotha....
    OP if you want anymore info feel free to PM me.:wave::smoke:

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