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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by shambala, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Wilshere's goal was absolute crack.. this finish was good too

    They were both great goals. I really wish Welbeck would have finished on his first effort. :( Was bad luck hitting the post.
  3. hand on heart.. I haven't watched that much La Liga so far.. but that WILL change fam.. trust me.. but from what ive heard from friends an' shit... they're a lot more balanced than before, as opposed to top-heavy (in an attack minded sense).. can't believe nobody had the testis to do this sooner when the WHOLE world knew what Barca needed... shiiiit... Stevie Wonder phoned me up and told me Barca need defenders.. and that dude is blind yo.. fair play to Luis Enrique.. sometimes what's obvious is obviously harder to do... every team need magicians and work-horses in equal measures
    ... somebody tell Fiorentino Perez that shit coz that mu'fucker STILL doesn't get it.. even after the Sociedad fiasco he STILL doesn't get it.. dumbass.. great business sense.. no common sense
  4. Welbeck was unlucky.. that 'dinked' finish seems to be a trademark move.. seen he do it for the Mancs a few times... very entertaining game though.. glad nobody won lol
  5. Maybe we needed a Skrtel header to drive through that wall o pussy
  6. I think we missed Danny boy yesterday.. badly. I was disappointed with Coutinho too.. he is creative and clever enough to pick a way through even a packed defence
  7. Maybe if Balotelli stayed in the game mentally..brushing off Senderos but they were butting heads the whole time lol Also he clipped him without even having the ball!

    Too bad that Coutinho hit the post or else that would've been a beautiful goal..we need more shots outside the box..Waiting for Lambertelli to start splashing goals in the net lol
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    I want Mario to work out very very badly but he sure seems like an odd-man-out when it comes to Coutinho, Sterling and Sturridge.  Mario seems to play Skrtel's role minus defence :(
    We already had a big enforcer for set pieces.  Oh and he isnt the other team's sweeper's bitch either.  Senderos had him grabbing beers, giving out handies, doing laundry....
  9. This.  I am literally baffled by it.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. don't sweat it dude... we're all grown men here... we get baffled from time to time... it's nada :)
  12. loool... Touche
  13. dude.. he's like 2 games into his Anfield career... 2 games... it took Henderson , near enough 2 YEARS.. now everyone is dick-riding him.. have patience yo
  14. nothing would make me happier than to be wrong about this
  15. Jesus I keep forgetting Arsenal play Dortmund today.
  16. Yeah think Arsenal will be the game I watch tonight.  Half tempted to watch Bayern vs City tomorrow over Chelsea but I won't.
  17. should be a good game.. I left it alone in my roll-up (betting roll-up)
  18. im well looking forward to the Bayern/city match... I like heavyweight clashes... and i'll bet my pancreas that it won't finish 0-0 lol
  19. COME ON YOU REDS!!! put that Villa debacle behind us and let's RE-introduce ourselves to these motherfuckers.. the NEW us... I not only believe we can qualify but I think we can actually top the group.. before everyone has a stroke let me explain... I believe we will beat Real at Anfield (probably in a goal-fest)and it'll depend on how we fare in Spain... we've won there before and on the road we're MORE dangerous than at home .. it'll NEVER be easy but once we click (and we haven't yet)... jeeez... we play some fucking CRACK football man.. not forgetting Basel who are no mugs
  20. God arsenal just seem clueless when they play other good teams. I wish liverpool was on tv instead

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