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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. I want you all to know that no matter whati say, you guys all rule and dont forget it.

    Why do people put others thru the torture of thinking their going to kill themselves. ok yes i understond as good as anybody how down you can feel. i've been there with tears in my eyes and a knife in my hand. But you have to realilise that your not the only person who feels this way and wont be the last. things DO get better so what im trying to say is,
    DONT SCARE THE SHIT INTO EVERYONE AROUND YOU JUST COS YOU FEEL DOWN. It will get better. stop screwwing around all you truley have is your life, its yours to end if you want to, but its never worth it. look to what you can and will achive. If you can make somebody happy is that not worth living for?

    so ppl, stop scaring me or i'll come over there and put a bullet thru your head myself save you the time of thinking about it.

    your freind, DoK
  2. rock on man i feel ya.
    let someone with experience tell ya too, the only thing suicide is an answer to is death, and its a cheapass answer at that that you will always get wrong.
    in other words, look up to the sky and ahead to the future and live life to the fullest, dont end it because somethings got you trippin.
    love ya'll
  3. true i'd never kill myself as thats the last thing you'll ever experience in this life at least so its best to leave it till it comes to you.

    just what i said lol
  4. and you may know this, but when you are that down, when your pulling at anything for anything you are too blind to realize what you are doing to others. and at that, how can you care what you are doing to others when you cant even care about yourself...its a sticky rough stuck between a rock and hard place situation. i think you can see that now cause you had that knife in your hand. it takes learning the hard way to get it sometimes. most of the time.
    youre words are true dr. but may not be understood until its able to be realized.
  5. i know, it just pisses me off as i pulled myself out of it, i had nobody thats why i was there, and they have everything i wanted then and still go ahead. they just dont realise anybody else has been there.

    oh well its over now. and if one more person does it to me i swear i'll reply with "dont but i cant be arsed to argue"
  6. damn straight dude, i coulndt do that to the city (not an over inflated ego, but just... hard to explain... basically boils down to the love floating about here), it keeps me happy when times are shitty.
  7. yeah i come on here when i need cheering up.

    and to have a laugh. or when i need advice, or when im bored.

    when i arnt i here?! lol
  8. I don't see the point in killing myself, i never would.

    But in an area not too far from me there's people who were being bullied by the paramilitaries and thought the only way out is suicide, in that area alone 13 young teens have killed themselves.

    Some of you may think why don't the police do something about it...there is no policing in some parts of Northern Ireland, others run the place.
  9. shit man,

    this world is fucked up.
  10. and one more thing jus to promote the pot, i was suicidal for 7 or 8 years until i started doing pot, and its not like im so fucked up i need pot to keep me happy or nything, weed teaches you things about yourself and life, it showed me whats important in life and when something gets me down now i can say fuck it and get thru it
  11. nice speech... i feel ya bro
  12. well shes well on her way to being like me now lol.
    jus the way you feel after you;ve been thru it i mean.
    i am now, and have been for quite a while very spirital, i cant explain what i mean, you'd just have to live with me for a while to understand my outlook.

    oh well lol
  13. So, anyone else love sushi?
  14. never tried it.

    Peter: "Why did all the dinosaurs die out?"

    Museum Host: "Because you touch yourself at night."

    hahaha!!! thats great, i like the bike one

    peter: "theres my first bike, i had loads of fun with that thing"
    *flashback to peter of blanket zooms out to see him sitting next to the bike*
    "more tea mr bike?"

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